Zaksa and Delecta in semi-finals, the rest is still struggling

Play offs in PlusLiga are fascinating this year. Skra Belchatow came back from hell and Jastrzebski Wegiel is preparing for the 5th game with Effector Kielce.



Asseco Resovia Rzeszow pleased their crazy fans by winning with Skra two games at home. Especially the second match was exciting. We had 5 sets. Jochen Schöps  and Zbigniew Bartman completed each other perfectly and it was the key that day. In tie break, Bartman replaced German player and he practically closed this match by himself. “We will be back in Rzeszow”claimed Alexander Atanasijevic, who had ups and downs during that weekend.
It seemed hardly possible, but Skra kept the promise.

Asseco was already leading 2:0 in the third match, but the hosts (Skra) showed a lot of cold blood. Plinski, Bakwiewicz, Atanasijevic – they all led Belchatow to believe in their power.In tie brak, Asseco Resovia had a quite safe leading (5:1) and it looked like they were going to finish this quarterfinal after all, but we witnessed yet another amazing  twist in this season. Skra won this game and gave themselves another chance on Monday.
Yesterday they won a little easier, 3:1. MVP was Atanasijevic. Therefore, we are looking forward to an exciting finish in Rzeszow One of those teams will have to face a serious failure.


The second unresolved situation is between Jastrzebski Wegiel and Effector Kielce. After two easily won games, Jastrzebie was expected to advance into the next level without any problems. In general, quarterfinals are rather quick and not really thrilling. We were wrong again, as Effector showed and incredible will of fight and won not only the third, but also the fourth game at home! It’s really one of the biggest surprises of this season.

Michal Lasko apologized to all the fans of Jastrzebski Wegiel. “I am really sorry about our poor game. We have now one week to regroup” . Lorenzo Bernardi was upset, but he also assured that Jastrzebie is going to win this competition anyway. Michal Kozlowski, the setter of Kielce, added simply:We wanna go for it!“.

Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle had no problems with working their way through up to the semi-finals. They won all three games with AZS Politechnika Warszawa. Also Delecta Bydgoszcz is happy with their historical advance. Along with Stephane Antiga and Dawid Konarski, Delecta is waiting for their rival – Skra or Resovia. Zaksa will play either with Jastrzebie or Effector Kielce.


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