Xavier Woods Suffers Achilles Injury at House Show in Sydney, Australia

WWE’s Xavier Woods suffered an apparent ankle injury yesterday at the house show in Sydney, Australia. Rajah.com reader Jared sent in the following:

Just attended the Smackdown house show in Sydney Australia and looks like Xavier Woods injures himself on the opening match of the night.

He fell awkwardly suddenly during the Smackdown tag team title match. Referee went up with the X immediately and everyone backed off whilst officials worked on him and eventually had to be helped to the back. Credit to Big E who finished the match in a one on two handicap match.

Figured if this was a work, then woods would have come back out and/or The Revival would have been working on the “injured” leg straight away. Instead when it happened everything just stopped and it didn’t look great when it happened either.

Confirming the injury, Xavier Woods tweeted the following today, suggesting an Achilles injury but not commenting on its severity: