WWE SmackDown Results (7/2): Bryan vs Big E, #1 Contender’s Main Event

July 2nd, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are kicking off tonight’s WWE SmackDown Live with an episode of the Kevin Owens Show, who will be welcoming the guests of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Shane starts out by complaining about KO’s introduction for him and gets Greg Hamilton to belt out the usual entrance.

Shane claims he is not afraid of The Undertaker as he is on a hot streak, having run through Miz and Roman Reigns and now they are going to run through Undertaker as well, with Shane announcing that it is now officially a No Holds Barred match.

Drew adds that everyone knows what they are willing to do in order to win a regular match, but now with the stipulation, it will be a physical assault like nobody has ever seen before. Owens shows more footage from last night, pointing out that is looks a little bit like Shane is afraid of The Undertaker.

Shane then tells KO to be a good talk host and read the cards that they pre-agreed before they came out to the ring. However, Owens instead opts to ask about Shane losing at WrestleMania against Undertaker and just as things look like they are about to get heated, Dolph Ziggler makes his way out.

KO goes on a huge (very babyface) rant about how they don’t want to hear Ziggler say it should be about him, to which Ziggler responds that he looks like he should be in a hot dog competition. KO and Ziggler both ask Shane who should get the next title shot, and he says neither of them can do.

Instead, Shane gives them an opportunity to team up to take on Heavy Machinery where the winning team will enter the Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules.


The Tag Team Champions are then shown backstage and are asked how they feel about the announcement Shane just made in the ring.

Daniel Bryan says his reaction is that Shane McMahon has been making a lot of unpopular decisions, but because he is management they have to accept it. But Bryan makes it clear they will be walking into Extreme Rules as Tag Team Champions and they will be walking out the same way.


It is now time for the first in-ring match of the night as Big E takes on Daniel Bryan and immediately E starts throwing his hips around, having plenty of fun at the champions expense as he then grabs Bryan and gives him a positivity spank.

As we return from the commercial though, it is Daniel Bryan in complete control as he exposes the knee and lower leg of Big E, brutally attacked it and picking it off with a low dropkick whilst E’s leg is trapped around the bottom rope.

Bryan then begins to slap Big E in the face which angers the New Day member and eventually he catches the champion and hits several belly to belly’s in a row until Bryan reverses with a couple of big headbutts which leads Bryan to his famous Yes Kicks.

However, Bryan’s final kick is caught and Big E once again plants Bryan into the mat and hits his splash. E then looks for the Spear through the ropes, but Bryan moves as Big E flies out of the ring. Bryan then looks for a suicide dive but Big E catches him on the outside.

With the official checking on Bryan, Rowan decides to send Big E head first into the ring post before taking out Xavier Woods as a defenceless Big E gets hit the Running Knee.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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