WWE Raw Results (12/03/12) – Greensboro, North Carolina

Date: December 3rd, 2012

We are LIVE in: Greensboro, North Carolina

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

(Note: I got home later than usual, so I missed the opening of the show and most of the opening tag team match between the Prime Time Players and team Hell No. My apologies.)

[Match One]
[Tag Team Match]
[Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players]

Titus and Darren are working on Kane in the corner. Darren whips Kane into the turnbuckle. Kane counters. Members of The Shield are making their way down to the ring from the skybox. Bryan is tagged in. They notice Ambrose and Reigns heading to the ring. Rollins is nowhere to be seen.


Titus knocks Kane down with a clothesline. He covers and gets a two. The Shield are still at ringside. Titus has Kane in a headlock. Kane gets up. Titus goes for a suplex but Kane counters with one of his own. Tag made to Bryan. Bryan with a running clothesline. He runs at Titus and hits a running dropkick at the turnbuckle for a two count. Bryan grabs Titus and goes for a roll up but Titus counters and tags Dareen in. Darren knocks Bryan down and lands a couple elbows to the chest followed by a leg drop for two. Darren goes for a back suplex, but Bryan counters into the No Lock submission. Titus breaks the hold and Kane comes in jabbing him in the throat. Titus falls out of the ring. The Shield make their way closer to the ring. Kane and Bryan watch them. Darren grabs Bryan and rolls him up from behind, but Bryan counters with a roll up of his own for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: Kane & Daniel Bryan]
[Time: N/A]

After the match, Ambrose and Reigns gang up on Kane while Rollins appears and attacks Bryan in the ring. Ambrose and Reigns grab Kane’s hand and slam it against the ring steps. All three enters the ring and gang up on Bryan. They take Bryan and powerbomb him in the ring. The Shield stands over Bryan for a moment before leaving the ring and heading into the crowd. Kane heads back in the ring to check

Backstage, Cena and Sheamus are talking.

Sheamus: I just wanna tell you thanks for showing up on Smackdown.

Cena: No problem. I got to be on Smackdown and I got to beat up on Ziggler. Win-win for me. Now we all know you like to fight. Relax. Have a pint. Two. Three.

Sheamus: Fifteen.

Cena: It’s irrelevant. Tonight, Ziggler and Big Show, we have to focus. We have to send a message.

Sheamus: Don’t worry. What we do out there will translate in any language. See ya later, fella.

Sheamus leaves.

Meanwhile, AJ Lee is heading to the ring for her match up next.


AJ comes out and heads to the ring for her match. Tamina is already in the ring.

[Match Two]
[Singles Match]
[AJ Lee vs. Tamina Snucka]

Bell sounds. AJ grabs Tamina and pounces on her. Tamina shoves her into the turnbuckle. AJ with kicks to the chest. AJ climbs to the top and Tamina pulls her off causing her to crash on the ground. Tamina with stomps to the back and sides. She covers and gets a two count. Tamina grabs AJ and smacks her head against the turnbuckle pad. Tamina puts AJ on her back and bends her into an elevated back submission. She drops her after awhile. AJ gets back up and lands a few kicks to the gut. She runs the ropes and Tamina catches her with a forearm chop to the head for a two count. Tamina with a double axe handle. She tosses AJ into the corner, then grabs AJ and headbutts her down. Tamina goes to the turnbuckle for a splash, but AJ catches her with a roll up for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: AJ]
[Time: 03:22]

AJ rolls out of the ring and heads to the back while Tamina watches her.

WWE Champion CM Punk comes out along with Paul Heyman. They head into the ring to address the WWE Universe.


Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman, and on a personal note I was leaving home this morning to arrive in, of all places, Greensboro, North Carolina and I noticed that my children of all people were reading the expanded and definitive guide to WWE, the WWE Encyclopedia. Now if you think i’m here to shill for your Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, I personally hate this Encyclopedia because there is not enough on your reigning and defending WWE Champion CM Punk. However, to give credit where credit is due, there is something in here that CM Punk and I have been too busy to even notice. That is that tonight at midnight CM Punk will tie and tomorrow night CM Punk will surpass John Cena as the longest reigning WWE Champion of the entire modern era. See I don’t like your reaction to that because what that means is that Punk took his massive sole credit as the longest reigning champion of the past 25 years! You’ll have to agree with me when I say that CM Punk is not only your champion, not only the best in the world, but there is no argument that CM Punk should be front and cent on WWE’s version of Mount Rushmore.

Punk: And yet here I stand before you all STILL unfairly persecuted. I have proven for one whole year that I am the BEST in the world, and that’s not a slogan you put on the back of a t-shirt, and that’s a face. If there was a WWE Rushmore, my face would be sitting above all. But you people don’t have the class and intelligence to give me the credit at deserve. At Hell in a Cell I defeated Ryback. At Survivor Series I defeated John Cena AND Ryback. So why is it that I have to face Ryback at TLC AGAIN?! It’s because of all of you. All of those who originally turned their back on me who now turn a blind eye to my accomplishments. It’s all you people who can’t hold a job or a marriage as long as my title reign. It’s you people who try to find blemishes. And the excuses! First it was Heyman’s fault. Then it was Brad Maddox. Now it’s the group calling themselves “The Shield”. The Shield is the reason why i’m the WWE Champion. If it wasn’t for The Shield I wouldn’t be WWE Champion right now. And that is a lie. You want the truth? The truth is that if it wasn’t for ME, none of you would be here today because i’m the reason you bought a ticket to see Monday Night Raw. CM Punk is the reason you tune. If it wasn’t for me you people wouldn’t have anything to look forward to on these dismal three hour Raws. I will say this one more time. I have nothing to do with Brad Maddox or The Shield, but I have everything to do with being the hottest thing going in WWE today, and if you can’t accept that go ahead and change the channel. Everybody here, get up and get out my arena! LEAVE! Leave if you don’t like it!

The Miz come out.

Miz: Really? Really? REALLY? Really. Are you going to tell these people to up and go? Really? I say sit down and enjoy yourselves. You’re talking about “best in the world”, Brad Maddox, The Shield. Nobody believes you. Really? You talk about all these lies, but we know the truth.

Punk: Who exactly do you think you are to cast judgement on me?

Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? I’m the guy that cheated and scammed when I was WWE Champion. But at least I had the guts to admit it. See, everyone knows that Maddox was in your back pocket. Everyone knows that The Shield bailed you out. Last week, if The Shield didn’t bail you out yet again Ryback would have fed himself some Punk.

Punk: Mike, if you wanted to come out here and question me, then you can come down and i’ll put my knee to you face and make you got to sleep.

Miz: Proving myself is exactly why i’m here. I didn’t come out here to face you in a match. I’m inviting you to go to MizTV and prove you are not associated with The Shield by taking a Lie Detector test! I spoke to the local Greensboro police department, and they’re fine with doing it.

Heyman: Let me get this right. You want to put the WWE Champion CM Punk in a three ring circus. You want to put an uninhibited public speaker three inches away from your face when you know how Punk feels about you behind the scenes. Is that right, Mr. Mizanin?

Miz: That’s right you fat bloated walrus. If I wanted you to talk i’d throw you a fish.

“Walrus” chants.

Punk: I’m not going to stand here and call my friend a walrus! I want you all to apologize right now! This is ridiculous!

Miz: We are sorry. he is a really really BIG walrus. Punk, I want you with a live mic on MizTV live on national television. Bring your best pipe bomb. Understand that i’m giving you what you want. I’m giving you a chance to clear your name and shove it in the faces of everyone who says you’re not the best in the world. Unless, Punk, maybe you’re afraid of the truth. And you want to walk around with an asterisk all over your record.

Punk: You want the truth? FINE! Fine you little idiot i’ll take your test, but i’ll prove whether it’s in the ring or taking your test and telling the truth, that I am the best in the world and that you and all these people are gonna just have to admit it!

Punk drops the microphone and stares at Miz.

Up next, Sheamus and Cena take on Ziggler and Big Show.


John Cena comes out and heads into the ring for his match.

His partner, Sheamus, comes out next.

Their opponent, Dolph Ziggler, comes out next.

His partner, World Heavyweight Champion Big Show, heads to the ring.

[Match Three]
[Tag Team Match]
[John Cena & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big Show]

Bell sounds. Sheamus and Ziggler start off. Ziggler gets behind Sheamus and Sheamus knocks him back before hitting a snapmare takedown for one. Ziggler gets up and shoves Sheamus into the ropes. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Off the ropes and Ziggler with a leap frog and a dropkick to the leg. Ziggler applies a side headlock. Sheamus tosses Ziggler off and hits an elbow to the jaw. Tag to Cena. They whip Ziggler into the ropes and hit a double elbow to the face for a two count. Cena with a headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler counters out of it and gets in a side headlock of his own. Cena shoves Ziggler into the ropes, leap frogs and hits a hip toss followed by an arm drag takedown. Cena gets Ziggler up and Ziggler trips him before tagging Show.

Show enters the ring. He and Cena grapple. Show shoves Cena into the turnbuckle. Cena with rights and lefts this time. He goes for a running shoulder tackle, but Show blocks it. Show presses his foot on Cena’s neck for a few seconds. Show with a punch to the gut followed by a chop to the chest. Show taunts Sheamus before grabbing Cena. Show with a headbutt. Show delivers another vicious chop t the chest. Show puts Cena at the turnbuckle and goes for another chop but Cena ducks it and lifts Show up. Show collapses on Cena for a two count. Tag to Ziggler.

Ziggler lands a ten count of elbow drops to the chest for two. Ziggler waits for Cena to get to his feet. He goes for a splash at the turnbuckle, but Cena avoids it and both men are down. Cena crawls over to Sheamus. Ziggler tags Show. Cena tags Sheamus! Sheamus with right hands to the chest and head followed by shoulder thrusts into the turnbuckle, a big knee lift and a running forearm clothesline to knock him down. Sheamus climbs to the top and goes for a battering ram, but Show counters with a spear.


Show has Sheamus down, but Sheamus is fighting back with shots to the gut. Show remedies that by hitting Sheamus with a big boot. Show steps on Sheamus and tags Ziggler. Ziggler waits for Sheamus to get up and hits a dropkick for two. Ziggler applies a headlock submission. Sheamus gets to his feet and shoves Ziggler back. Ziggler runs at him and Sheamus with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus crawls to Cena and gets the tag. Cena runs at Show and knocks him down before hitting Ziggler with two shoulder tackles and a running powerbomb. Ziggler gets up and Cena goes for Attitude Adjustment, but Show counters with a boot to the face. Sheamus enters the ring and goes for the Brogue Kick, but Show grabs Sheamus’ leg. Sheamus spins out of it, grabs Show and lifts him up for White Noise. Meanwhile, Cena grabs Ziggler and puts him over his shoulders. Sheamus and Cena hit White Noise and Attitude Adjustment on Show and Ziggler respectively and pin them for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: John Cena & Sheamus]
[Time: 11:51]

A video replay is shown of Punk saying he has nothing to do with Brad Maddox or The Shield followed by Miz challenging Punk to a lie detector test on MizTV.


Damien Sandow comes out and heads to the ring.

Sandow: Allow me to beg your indulgence for a moment. My name is Damien Sandow, and for what has felt like eternity I have attempted to help all of you. An attempt which has proven itself to be futile. But as your intellectual savior I cannot, and will not, abandon you. Now, despite the handicap emanating from all of you, I have decided to give one of you the opportunity to become my apprentice. Silence! Now who amongst you is best suited?

Sandow picks a guy out.

Sandow: YOU! Security, please escort the man to the ring. Now although I will be directing my question to the individual, I suggest you answer these questions yourself because it may be you one day. Sir, pleas hurry up you’re losing points!

The man enters the ring.

Sandow: Bad form, sir. Stand up straight. You have the opportunity yo be my apprentice. Answer three questions. H2O is the chemical equivalent to what.

Man: Water.

Sandow: That’s correct. You did better than I thought. Number two. Who was the first president of the United States.

Man: George Washington.

Sandow: Good. Very good. Question number three. What fame English Poet wrote “Much Have I Traveled in the Land of Gold”?

Man: Seriously? I don’t know.

Sandow: JOHN KEATS! I leave you with a quote. “Idiocy is curable, but stupidity is forever!” Now LEAVE!

The man leaves.

Sandow: You’re welcome!

Santino Marella comes out and enters the ring.

Santino: Okay Mr. Trivia Guy. You come out here asking question, but you already know the answers. So i’m going to ask you a question. How many seashells does she sells by the-

Santino keeps messing up the tongue twister.

Santino: How many seashells does she sells by the seashore?

Sandow: I am on a quest for an apprentice and you want to talk about crustaceans?

Santino: BZT! The correct answer is the conch. The conch shell.

Sandow smacks Santino in the head with the microphone. As he leaves the ring Santino gets back up and demands to face Sandow. The two will have a match up next.


[Match Four]
[Singles Match]
[Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella]

The match is currently taking place. Sandow whips Santino into the ropes and Santino power walks until he gets Sandow into a bridging pin for two. Sandow stomps on Santino and drives a knee into his neck. Sandow punches Santino down and wipes the mat with his face before hitting a russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain for a two count. He picks up Santino and Santino counters with an inside cradle for two. Santino ducks a clothesline and lands a hip toss. He puts the cobra puppet on and goes for The Cobra, but Sandow rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Santino goes after him. Sandow gets back in the ring and attacks Santino on the apron. He pulls the sock off and tosses it aside. He goes after Santino and Santino with a jawbreaker on the ropes. Santino climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a diving headbutt, but Sandow rolls out of the way. He grabs Santino and hits Terminus for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Damien Sandow]
[Time: 02:42]

Backstage, Ziggler and Vickie are talking.

Ziggler: Big Show only cares about himself. He’s the worst tag team partner ever. I’m the star. I shouldn’t be in tag match.

Vickie: Dolph, i’m beginning to lose faith.

Ziggler: I can beat Cena and look good doing it. Give me a rematch against Cena at TLC and i’ll show you.

Vickie: Go show them, baby!

Dolph goes to embrace, but Vickie holds him back.

Dolph: Sombody’s in your office.

Vickie walks over to her office. Brad Maddox is there with a camera crew.

Vickie: I didn’t invite you into my office!

Maddox: I’m just here to make sure nobody will forget the name Brad Maddox.


Vickie: I am a busy woman. Why should I give you a contract. Do you understand the grievance I went through because of what you and Punk did at Hell in a Cell.

Maddox: That was all me. And your spot as one of the most influential women in WWE speaks for itself. That’s all you. Your vision. Your leadership. Your management skills, and your eye for talent and entertainment. They don’t get much more entertaining than Brad Maddox. You put this face on and it goes from good TV to great TV.

Vickie: Okay. I’ll give you a match tonight. If you win you earn a contract.

Maddox: Who is my opponent?

Vickie: You’ll find out when you get there. And Brad? I promise you it will be “great” TV.

Brad leaves.

Sin Cara enters the ring for a match.

His opponent, Alberto Del Rio, comes out and heads to the ring.

[Match Five]
[Singles Match]
[Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara]

Bell sounds. They grapple. Del Rio puts Cara in the corner and breaks. Del Rio with a kick to Sin Cara that knocks him down followed by a scoop slam for a two count. Cara with two arm drags into an arm lock. Del Rio gets to his feet and shoves Cara into the corner again. Del Rio with shoulder tackles to Cara. He follows it up with a side kick to the head for two. Del Rio goes for an arm drag into the ropes, but Cara bounces off and whips Del Rio off. He grabs Del Rio’s arm and runs up the turnbuckle into a top rope arm drag for two. Cara with a series of kicks to the shoulder. He covers and gets another two count. Del Rio grabs Cara and pulls him face first into a turnbuckle pad. He follows it up with a snap suplex for two. Headlock submission applied. Cara gets back up and Del Rio knocks him back down before delivering a kick to the back. Del Rio puts Cara’s neck on the middle rope and chokes him out for a few seconds. Whip into the ropes and Cara with a dropkick to the face. Del Rio back body drops him onto the apron and Cara lands on his feet. He catches Cara with a kick to the face that knocks him out of the ring. He runs at Del Rio and hits a hurricarana. Cara gets back in the ring and taunts.


Cara has Del Rio in an arm lock. Del Rio kicks out of it and punches Cara down. Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricarana on Del Rio for two. Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Cara exits the ring and hits Del Rio with a kick to the head before tossing him back in the ring. He gets on the apron and springboards, but Del Rio shoves him knocking him to the outside. Del Rio exits the ring and tosses Cara into the barricade. Del Rio shoves Cara back in the ring and covers for two. Del Rio with a kick to the back followed by a chin lock submission. Cara gets to his feet and goes for a clothesline but Del Rio counters with a German suplex for two. Del Rio runs at Cara and Cara avoids the body splash attempt. Cara with a kick to the shoulder again. Cara climbs up the turnbuckle and hits Del Rio with a tornado DDT. Cara and Del Rio get up at the same time and land punches back and forth. Del Rio whips Cara and Cara back flips into an elbow to the face followed by another hurricarana. Del Rio back body drops him onto the apron. Cara lands a jump kick, climbs the turnbuckle and hits a cross body for two. Cara picks up Del Rio and hits shiranui! Cara goes to the turnbuckle and goes for a senton bomb, but Del Rio avoids it and catches Cara in the Cross Arm Breaker submission. Cara taps out.

[Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio]
[Time: 12:40]

Vince McMahon is backstage. He walks over to a worker.

Vince: Would you please inform Ms. Guerrero that i’d like to have a conversation with her. And i’d like to have that conversation in the ring now.

Vince heads to the ring.


Another replay is shown of Miz inviting Punk to take a lie detector test.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and heads into the ring.

Vickie: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the board of WWE…MR. VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON!

Vince comes out and power walks to the ring.

Vickie: Mr. McMahon, you look quite handsome tonight.

Vince: Well thank you, Vickie. You look…rather…almost…uh…semi-comely. Now then about this TLC ppv matches that you’re contemplating making.

Vickie: I have the best idea for a match at TLC. John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Vince: That’s good. But if you really want to make it epic you have to put a stipulation of some kind.

Vickie: I got it. Cena versus Ziggler in a no disqualification match!

Vince: Vickie, let’s try a little harder on this. The name on the PPV is Tables, Ladders and Chair not “No DQ”. Come on, Vickie. Think.


Vince: That’s right!

Vickie: No offense sir, but neither men are champions, and you have to be a champion to have a ladder match. You have to reach for something!

Vince: That’s a good point. What if there was a briefcase of some kind? As in…a Money in the Bank briefcase.

Vickie: I think that’s a great idea, Mr. McMahon, but others might think it’s unfair to Dolph. Cena could gain everything and Ziggler could lose everything. It’s unfair.

Vince: You think it’s been fair for you and Ziggler to perpetuate all this crap about Cena and AJ? Don’t you owe them something more than an apology? Like making this match official.

Vickie: Okay, so, uh, Cena versus Ziggler in a TLC PPV for a Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Vince: There ya go, Vickie. Have yourself a good rest of the night.

Vickie: What I wanted to say to everyone was-

Vince: Vickie, I understand that there’s a lie detector test going on. What if Punk was proved a liar about Maddox and the Shield. Shouldn’t some action take place?

Vickie: That’s a great idea.

Vince: That should be punishing. Nobody likes a liar, Vickie. So what would the punishment be?

Vickie: Let’s see…if Punk is found to be lying, then we must destroy the mastermind behind all this. Paul Heyman. Cause Punk is a Heyman guy and he wouldn’t put Heyman in harm’s way. So next week, we’ll have a match. Paul Heyman versus Ryback!


McMahon leaves the ring.

Up next, Brad Maddox gets in the ring in the hopes of winning a WWE contract.


Brad Maddox comes out and heads into the ring.

His opponent, Randy Orton, comes out next.

[Match Six]
[Singles Match]
[Brad Maddox vs. Randy Orton]

Bell sounds. Maddox tries to leave, He catches Orton with an accidental elbow to the face and Orton doesn’t hesitate to knocks Brad out of the ring. He exits the ring and beats on Brad for a bit. He shoves Brad back in the ring, puts him on the middle rope and hits a DDT. He waits for Maddox to get up and hits the RKO for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Randy Orton]
[Time 01:13]

The Shield comes out and beat down on Orton. They stomp on Orton over and over again until he stops moving. They then set Orton up and drop him with a powerbomb just like they did to Bryan. They exits the ring and head into the crowd once again.

Tonight on MizTV, Miz gives Punk a lie detector test.


Vickie is yelling at Charles Robinson.

Vickie: I put you in a position of authority!

Ziggler walks in.

Ziggler: What are you doing? You’re putting my contract on the line in a ladder match. This happened before, remember? AJ with Chris Jericho.

Vickie: Mr. McMahon was right next to me! There was nothing I could do!

Ziggler: AJ was nothing but a power hungry amateur…and you’re becoming just like her.

Heyman walks over to Vickie. They stare each other down.

Vickie: For your sake…you better hope that Punk is telling the truth.

Heyman smirks and walks off. There’s a knock at the door. Cena comes in.

Cena: SOMEBODY said you wanted to see. I’m interested. I’ll tell you what. I’m feeling pretty good because you made a great match! I never thought this would happen, but…thanks Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie gives him a dirty look.

Cena: I know that look. I know i’m the only guy to cash in Money in the Bank and lose. But when I beat Ziggler I’m going to remedy that.

Vickie: Hold on, John. Last week I had the PAs clean out the Divas locker room and they found these in AJ’s locker.

She shows him a pair of John Cena sweatbands.

Vickie: I’m not trying to expose you, I could care less, but i’m going to warn you. AJ gets obsessed whenever she’s with a guy. It’s pathetic.

Cena: You know what’s pathetic? These. They’re a hack job and you’ve given nothing but crap! I get it! For weeks you’ve can’t leave well enough alone.

At ringside, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston comes out. R-Truth, Antonio Cesaro, and Wade Barrett are already in the ring. Before the match starts Teddy Long comes out.

Teddy: Now I know this is supposed to be a tag team match, but since Vickie is busy tonight, my boss isn’t here, and Vince McMahon wants to spice things up. Let’s turn this tag match into a Fatal Fourway match. Now which title will be on the line? Kofi’s Intercontinental or Antonio’s United States title? Well that will be decided by the fans because we’ll be doing a RawActive vote now! We’ll show the results next!

Vote on Twitter to decide which title will be on the line in the fatal four way match.


The results are in, and the United States Championship will be on the line.

[Match Seven]
[Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE United States Championship]
[Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett]

Bell sounds. Truth and Kingston go after Cesaro and Barrett respectively. Barrett and Truth go out of the ring and Kingston with a roll up on Cesaro for two. Cesaro grabs Kingston and slams him down and drops an elbow to the back. Headbutt to Kingston followed by a running uppercut. Outside, Barrett clotheslines Truth down. Cesaro runs at Kingston and Kingston with a kick to the head. Barrett clotheslines Cesaro out of the ring. Kingston springboards to Barrett and Barrett knocks him down and hits a pump handle slam for two. Barrett whips Kingston into the ropes. Kingston ducks a clothesline and baseball slides Cesaro. Truth enters the ring. Barrett whips him and goes for a boot, but Truth lowers the ropes and sends Barrett out of the ring. Truth and Kingston stare at each other and slap hands before grappling. Truth with an arm lock. Kingston flips out of it and gets a one count. Truth rolls into a one count and the hits an arm drag. Truth and Kingston with dropkicks at the same time. Barrett and Cesaro enter the ring and whip Truth and Kingston. Truth flapjacks Kingston into Cesaro. Kingston clotheslines Barrett out of the ring. Kingston with a suicide dive on Barrett. Truth goes for a dive onto Cesaro, but Cesaro grabs Truth and slams him into the barricade. Kingston runs on the apron towards Cesaro and the champ catches him with an uppercut. Cesaro lifts Kingston and tosses him back in the ring.


Cesaro lifts Kingston by the leg and spins him around before applying a half crab submission. Truth enters the ring and hits Cesaro with two clotheslines and a front suplex. Truth does the split and runs the ropes but Barrett lowers the ropes and Truth goes flying. Barrett and Cesaro slug it up until Cesaro catches Barrett with an uppercut. Kingston with a cross body on Cesaro for two. Barrett catches Kingston with a spinning side slam for two. Truth enters the ring and hits Barrett with an axe kick for two. Barrett gets up and kicks Truth in the gut. He puts Truth on the top turnbuckle before climbing up with him. He goes for a superplex but Truth headbutts him off. Cesaro gets on the apron and headbutts Truth. Kingston climbs up and arm drags Cesaro off. They both crash down. Barret climbs back up and goes for the superplex. Kingston grabs Barrett and the Superplex/Powerbomb combo hits. Kingston covers Barrett and Cesaro beaks the count. Cesaro catches Kingston and hits a burning hammer for two. Truth grabs Cesaro and springboards him into the ropes before clotheslining him and himself out of the ring. Barrett grabs Kingston and goes for a back suplex, but Kingston lands on his feet and hits Barrett with a running clothesline and then hits the Boom Drop. Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Cesaro grabs the leg and pulls him out of the ring. Cesaro grabs Barrett and goes for the Neutralizer, but Truth with a spin kick. Barrett grabs Truth and hits the Bullhammer elbow. Kingston hits Barrett with Trouble in Paradise. Cesaro lifts Kingston off of Barrett and hits The Neutralizer for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Antonio Cesaro]
[Time: 12:27]

Clips are played of the controversial finishes to both Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series.

The lie detector test is up next!


The MizTV stage is set up. Miz is in the ring.

Miz: Welcome to the most must see talk show in WWE History: MizTV. Please say hello to Mr. Frederick Abresom. He is from the Gulf County Sheriff’s department. Now despite mounting evidence to the contrary my guest claims he had nothing to do with Maddox helping him defeated Ryback of the Shield helping him beat Ryback and Cena at Survivor Series. Interesting, now isn’t it? Tonight we are going to get answers through a device every good talk show uses when they need to. A Lie detector test. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the WWE Champion CM Punk!

CM Punk and Heyman come out and head into the ring.

Welcome to MizTV, Punk. Have a seat and let Mr. Abresom strap you in. The lie detector test is simple. It tests out through simple-

Yeah, I know what a lie detector test. It’s as simple as your jokes. It’s as ridiculous as your microphone being upside down. Why don’t you suck up to the fans a little bit more, huh? Your title reign was completely forgettable so you’re trying to bring me down to your level. You wish you could be me just like how the rest of the world-what are you doing? Do you have a license?!

Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.

Yeah, just like you weren’t paying attention in wrestling school.

Punk is strapped in.

Miz: Basically Punk we’re going to ask questions, and if you’re lying Heyman will have to face Ryback in a match next week. Alright, first question. What’s your name?

Punk: CM Punk

Have you been WWE Champion for 379 days?

Punk: Yup.

In 2010 at the Over the Limit PPV did Rey Mysterio shave your head bald? Well?

Punk: Yes, Rey Mysterio shaved my head bald.

Miz: The year I main evented WrestleMania, did you lose to Randy Orton?

Punk: I don’t have to sit here, I gotta-

Miz: It’s a simple question. Just answer it.

Punk: Yes Miz, you know that. The answer is yes. And the only reason you won is because Dwayne helped you while I lost to Orton in grand fashion as it ended in a fantastic RKO. Miz is the one who can’t remember because you had a concussion.

Miz: Woah woah woah. We’re trying to establish a baseline and we wouldn’t want that now would we Mr. Walrus?

Walrus chants.

But you want harder questions, that’s fine. How about this. Do you think you can beat Ryback by yourself?

Punk: Yes.

The detector rating spikes up.

Punk: What does that mean?

Miz: It’s pointing out that you could be lying.

Punk: How can I? It’s an opinion!

Miz: Good point. Let’s try something else. Did you work with Brad Maddox at Hell in a Cell? Did you work with The Shield at Survivor Series? ANSWER IT!

Suddenly, The Shield comes out and attacks Miz from behind. They grabs the table and toss it out of the ring. Punk retreats as The Shield gangs up on Miz and stomp on him like they did Bryan and Orton. They lift Miz up and powerbomb him on the mat. The Shield stands tall over Miz. Kane and Daniel Bryan run down to the ring and attack the Shield. The numbers game starts to wear them down until Ryback comes out! Ryback heads down to the ring and he knocks down all three members. Ambrose goes after Ryback and Ryback back body drops him out. He exits the ring and tosses Ambrose over the barricade. Bryan and Kane are attacking Rollins and Reigns at ringside. The Shield retreats into the crowd with Team Hell No after them.

Punk is back in the ring.

Punk: Wanna ask me some questions now? Wanna know if i’m lying? Am I lying?!Get out of my ring!

He kicks Miz and pushes him out of the ring. Punk stands at the turnbuckle and celebrates. He gets down, turns around and walks into a returned Ryback. Ryback lifts Punk up and hits him with Shellshock! Ryback exits the ring and grabs a steel chair and a ladder. Ryback picks up the ladder and smacks Punk in the gut with it. He then takes the chair and hits Punk in the back. Ryback leaves the ring again and pulls out a table. He sets it up in the ring. Punk tries to crawl away, but Ryback grabs him and powerbombs him through the table. As Ryback celebrates over Punk the show comes to an end.