WWE Postpones NXT Event Due to Hurricane, Watch John Cena On The ‘Daily Show’, Update On WWE Network Content

According to WWE Network News, WWE Network will be adding 10 new episodes of the original Main Event series fromĀ 2012-2013 sometime today. The WWE Network appears to be altering up its uploading process by adding smaller amounts of content on a weekly basis as opposed to uploading all of it at one time.

WWE Postpones NXT Event Due to Hurricane

According to PWInsider.com, WWE has postponed today’s NXT live event in Jacksonville, FL, due to Hurricane Michael. The event will now take place on November 30th.

Watch John Cena’s Full ‘Daily Show’ Appearance

WWE star John Cena appeared on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” on Wednesday night, and you can watch the entire appearance below:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah