WWE NXT Results – May 2nd, 2018

  NXT returns with another exciting episode from Full Sail University. No Takeovers or title matches to be found on this show. Instead, this was just a simple and straightforward hour of programming that built up some new stars and new feuds on the show. There are certainly worse ways to spend that time. Of course, there were also quite a few noteworthy takeaways from this show, so let’s get right into the results from this week’s edition of NXT.
  The Undisputed Era cut a promo backstage talking about all of the success that the four of them have had in NXT. They each took turns running down Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch before Roderick Strong discussed his match against Pete Dunne set to take place later during the show. Strong stated that what he did to Dunne was nothing compared to what he had planned for him later that night.
Kairi Sane vs. Shazza McKenzie –

  McKenzie is an Australian wrestler who received a full entrance upon facing Kairi Sane. She appeared to have blown a kiss or a heart in Sane’s direction, but the Mae Young Classic winner simply caught her little message and tore it to shreds.
  The result here is hardly unpredictable as Sane dished out a spear and a Flying Kabuki Elbow very early on. After dishing out what was referred to as a Tokyo Slam, Sane teased going up to the top of the ring post for an Insane Elbow drop. She climbed up and nailed the move on McKenzie before pinning her just mere minutes after the bell rung.
Winner: Kairi Sane
  While celebrating in the ring, Lacey Evans came out and actually offered Sane an apology for saying that she didn’t belong in NXT. She held her hand out, prompting fans to advise that Kairi not accept the apology from Evans. Sane never did get the chance to accept the apology because Evans then abruptly laid her out with a punch before she went to the back.

  Candice LeRae was interviewed backstage and discussed Tommaso Ciampa attacking her husband, Johnny Gargano, last week. She said that she can’t believe all that Ciampa has put them through because they both once considered him to be family. She began to cry and left the interview.
  A video package featuring some of Lars Sullivan’s most dominant performances was shown. He then stated that he wants to win a championship and that any one will do.
TM61 vs. The Street Profits – 

  Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford were as beloved as ever by the Full Sail crowd as they battled the Australian duo of Nick Miller and Shane Thorne in this match. The Street Profits seemed to be dominating the match very early on and were on the fast track to get a win over the TM61 team.
  Both teams traded moves back and fourth before they also started attempting roll up pins on each other. In the end, fans got a bit of a controversial outcome here as Shane Thorne pinned Montez Ford with his feet on the ropes. Nick Miller also held his feet down while the referee was busy counting the fall. Could this be the start of a new attitude for the TM61 team? It certainly seems that way since the announcers constantly mentioned how they were both eager to recapture the success that they had from their previous run in NXT.
Winners: TM61
  A video package highlighting the War Raiders was shown. The hard-hitting team of Rowe and Hanson will be returning next week to face off against Heavy Machinery’s Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic.
  Kassius Ohno appeared backstage for an interview and was asked about Ciampa attacking Johnny Gargano last week. Ohno said that Gargano was like a family member to him and that he couldn’t believe what Ciampa had become. He promised to make sure that Tommaso felt helpless by facing him in a match.
Kona Reeves vs. Patrick Scott –
  After weeks of hyping of the return of Kona Reeves, “The Finest” that NXT has to offer has returned, and he sure does want everybody to remember his nickname. Reeves faced off against an enhancement talent named Patrick Scott in his first match back on NXT TV.
  Reeves established dominance early on by slapping Scott around in the corner in the ring several times in a row – all while mentioning that he “The Finest,” of course. He hit a gutwrench suplex on his opponent before also hitting a middle rope elbow. He finally concluded by hitting a Samoan Drop in order to receive a win in his first match back under this new character. “The Finest” has arrived, let’s see what else he can prove now that he is an permanent fixture on NXT programming.
Winner: Kona Reeves
  EC3 appears in a video package highlighting his first match back in NXT, which was the North American Championship ladder match from NXT Takeover: New Orleans. He promised to prove that he is even more outstanding in his next few matches before also guaranteeing that he will turn NXT into what he calls “NX3.”
  Dakota Kai was interviewed outside of Full Sail University and talked about some of the individuals in the NXT women’s division. She refused to talk about Shayna Baszler, but that was when Vanessa Borne showed up to call her out for being afraid of the NXT Women’s Champion. Borne claimed that she is not afraid of Shayna and will take her on at any time. Kai said that she certainly wasn’t scared of Borne, which caused the latter to storm off.
Candice LeRae vs. Bianca Belair –
  Candice LeRae was sad and upset during most of this match because she could not keep her mind off of what was going on with her husband and Johnny Gargano. Bianca Belair took full advantage of LeRae not being at her best by showing off some of her incredibly freakish strong maneuvers.
  LeRae did try to end the match early on, but Belair kicked out. Candice went up top for a leap, but Bianca caught her and largely took over the match from there. She proceeded to literally deadlift Candice before hoisting her up in the air. She paraded around the ring while carrying Candice the entire time before violently launching her face first directly into a turnbuckle pad. She then lifted her back up and put her in a Torture Rack.
  Unfortunately for Belair, Candice was able to fight out of the move and get some shots in. She began to strike Bianca in the corner of the ring, then hit a Missile Dropkick on her. She attempted to go for a tornado DDT from the middle rope, but Bianca was able to catch her just in time and hit the Alley Oop to receive another victory for herself.
Winner: Bianca Belair
  EC3 will be returning to NXT next week to face off against former Cruiserweight Classic competitor Raul Mendoza.
  Tommaso Ciampa will also compete in his first match since NXT Takeover: New Orleans when he takes on Kassius Ohno on next week’s show.
Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong –
  Roddy came down to the ring doing his normal entrance before he suddenly had it changed to the Undisputed Era’s entrance theme. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly then accompanied him down to the ring. This was supposed to be the match wherein Dunne got his revenge for Strong turning on him to join the Undisputed Era at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. Dunne punched out Strong with a shot to the mouth immediately after the bell sounded.
  The match started out slow with some stretches and holds before it evolved into the strong-style match that everyone knows that these two are capable of putting on. Strong was able to successfully fight off “The Bruiserweight” by himself for the majority of this match. That changed as soon as Dunne started to go for Strong’s fingers. He managed to grab hold of Roderick’s hand and snap his fingers back as fast and as far back as they would go.
  Dunne finally began to pick up some steam and he got a chance to get in more offense against his former tag team partner. It looked as though Roddy was totally done for after the UK Champion hit the Bitter End on him, but any chance of him finally defeating Strong was lost because O’Reilly and Cole then ran in to cause a disqualification.
Winner: Pete Dunne
  Although the match was over, the Undisputed Era was not finished with their assault on Dunne just yet. The group continued beat him down until Oney Lorcan and one of NXT’s newest official signees, Danny Burch, came down to fight off the stable. The two groups of three each stared at each other as The Undisputed Era crawled up the ramp and made their way to the back to close out the show.
  It certainly looks like WWE is building to their upcoming UK Tournament show, which will feature a match pitting Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, & Trent Seven against The Undisputed Era. There appears to be unfinished business between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa as well. There is no doubt that another match between the former best friends could prove to be just as astounding as their match from last month, but it looks like Ciampa will have to go through Kassius Ohno first. That match and more will take place on next week’s show. I’ll see you NXT time!