WWE Money In The Bank PPV Results

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Usos vs The Shield (c)

Jey goes for a quick rollup before attempting a backslide, then Rollins retreats to his corner and tags Reigns, who shoves Jey into the corner. Reigns punches him but Jey comes back with some strikes, then he goes for a suplex but Reigns reverses it. Jey floats over and kicks Reigns, then Jimmy comes in and assists with a double team suplex before making a pin attempt. Jimmy kicks Reigns in the corner takes him down with a snapmare, then Jey helps him hit a tandem side slam for another near fall. Jey sends Reigns into the ropes and goes for a side kick, but Rollins pulls him out of the ring and they regroup on the floor. Jimmy sends Rollins into the ropes and kicks him, then Reigns tags in and elbows Jimmy before backdropping him on the apron. Reigns clotheslines him off the apron and tags out, then Rollins rolls Jimmy in and goes for a pin attempt before choking him with his boot. Rollins holds him in a fireman’s carry while Reigns kicks him, then Reigns stomps him in the corner and they use quick tags to keep Jey isolated.

Jey makes a comeback with some right hands to Rollins, then Reigns blind tags in as Jey throws Rollins outside. Jimmy waits for a tag but Rollins pulls him off the apron, then Reigns throws Jimmy outside and Rollins takes him down with a clothesline. Jimmy finally gets a hot tag and takes Reigns out with a dive on the floor, then he rolls Rollins inside and hits a top rope crossbody for two. Jimmy whips him into the corner and hits a running back splash, then he hits a Samoan drop for a close near fall. Jimmy heads up top but Rollins crotches him on the ropes, then he sets up a superplex but Jey and Reigns get involved and the four come crashing down after a Tower of Doom spot. Rollins gets a near fall before reaching for a tag, but Jey pulls Reigns off the apron and Jimmy kicks him in the face. Jimmy hits a Superfly splash for a close near fall, then he goes for a super Samoan drop but Rollins counters and tries to powerbomb him. Reigns blindtags in as Jimmy grabs the ropes, but Rollins pulls him away and powerbombs him into the turnbuckles, with Reigns running in and spearing him to take the win.

Winners – The Shield

Money In The Bank Ladder Match (World Heavyweight Championship)
Dean Ambrose vs Fandango vs Wade Barrett vs Damien Sandow
vs Cody Rhodes vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro

Fandango mocks Wade with a dance before attacking him, then Swagger and Cesaro go for a ladder while the Rhodes Scholars get another. Swagger and Cesaro throw theirs into the Scholars, then Swagger wedges it in the corner and Cesaro gutwrench slams Cody into it. Swagger hiptosses Sandow into it, then they pick up both ladders and try to hit Cody, but he ducks and they smash into each other. Cody bails as Swagger sets up a ladder, but Ambrose runs in and knocks Swagger into the corner before splashing him on the ladder and throwing him outside. Wade runs in and knees him a few times, then he wedges him under the ladder and kicks him in the face before throwing him outside. Wade hits Swagger and Cesaro with the ladder, then Fandango hits him from behind and hits a springboard legdrop with Wade under the ladder.

Sandow comes in and throws Fandango face first into the ladder, then Wade comes in with a broken ladder leg and beats the hell out of Sandow before climbing. Ambrose cuts him off and they fight on the ladder, then Swagger and Cesaro cut them off and pull them both off the ladder. Swagger tries to tackle Ambrose but Ambrose counters with a tornado DDT, then he fights with Cesaro on the ladder but Cesaro puts him in a hanging choke. Cesaro reaches up but Cody cuts him off, then Cesaro knocks him down but Cody bounces off the ropes and punches him before hitting a corner Muscle Buster on a ladder. Wade kicks Cody and bodyslams him on the ladder, then Swagger slingshots Sandow into the edge of the ladder as Wade sets one up in the ring.

Swagger cuts him off and knocks him off the ladder, then Wade goes right back up and knocks Swagger out with the Bullhammer. Fandango meets Wade on the ladder and takes him out with a somersault powerbomb, then Fandango climbs the ladder but Ambrose cuts him off. Ambrose hangs Fandango’s legs on the ladder and connects with a headlock driver, then Cesaro and Swagger try to take him out but Ambrose puts the ladder on his shoulders and spins around. He takes them down but they lift the ladder back up, then Ambrose skins the cat on the horizontal ladder but they dump him over the ropes. Cesaro stands on Swagger’s shoulders and they try to help each other, but Cody dropkicks Swagger’s knees and takes them both out.

Fandango runs in but Cody hits Cross Rhodes, then he counters Wasteland by Wade and hits a second Cross Rhodes before grabbing the big ladder. Cody slides it in the ring but Ambrose climbs the other side, then they slug it out at the top until Cody chokes him and slams Ambrose’s head into the ladder. The Shield runs out but Cody fights them off, then he reaches for the briefcase again but they drag him off the ladder and beat him up. Rollins kicks Wade in the head and Reigns spears Cody, then The Usos run out and take them out while Ambrose tries to climb the ladder. Cody tips the ladder and Ambrose falls on everyone else on the floor, then Cody repositions the ladder and climbs again, only to have Sandow throw him off the ladder and take the briefcase.

Winner – Damien Sandow 

New RAW General Manager Brad Maddox comes down to the ring and hands Justin Roberts his coat, then he says he is honored to be their GM. Maddox thanks Vince McMahon before his belief in him, then he says he can’t fill Vickie Guerrero’s shoes because he doesn’t look good in heels. He says he still wanted to do something for Vickie so he put her on the pre and post show panel, then Vickie awkwardly waves as Maddox asks for the fans to chant thank you. Maddox says they love her around the world, and Vince said it best when he said Vickie was entertaining so he has a clip to show them. After a montage of some of Vickie’s more embarrassing moments, Maddox continues to play it up and Vickie looks pissed as we move to the next match.

Intercontinental Championship
The Miz vs Curtis Axel (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) 

Axel hits Miz a few times while Heyman laughs, then Axel screams at Miz and whips him, only to have Miz come back with a flapjack. Axel rolls outside but Miz dropkicks him through the ropes, then he takes him down with a double axe handle smash from the apron. Heyman distracts Miz while Axel keeps the ref busy, but Miz acts like Heyman hit him and the ref kicks Heyman out. Miz slides in and goes for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Axel counters with a side suplex for a near fall before stomping him in the corner. Axel dropkicks him and puts him in a chinlock, but Miz makes it to his feet so Axel punches him and tries to suplex him. Miz floats over and sidesteps a corner kick, then Miz kicks him in the stomach and hits a forearm shot off the ropes.

After he takes Axel down with a corner clothesline, Miz heads up top and hits a double axe handle smash for two before calling for the Skull Crushing Finale. Axel counters and goes for a Perfect Plex, then Miz counters with a Figure Four attempt, only to have Axel kick him into the corner and hit a Perfect Plex for a close near fall. Axel lifts him but Miz shoves him into the ropes, then Axel tries to kick him but Miz catches his foot and snaps it over his shouder. Miz puts him in a Figure Four but Axel rolls and reverses it, then Miz rolls back over but Axel makes it to the ropes. Axel rolls outside and runs from Miz, then he slides in the ring and kicks Miz in the face before dropping him with a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner – Curtis Axel

Divas Championship
Kaitlyn (w/ Layla) vs AJ Lee (w/ Big E Langston)

Kaitlyn kicks AJ a few times and throws her outside, but AJ throws Kaitlyn into the ringpost and works on her arm in a brace (injured on Smackdown). AJ rolls her in and puts her in a keylock, then she bridges up on it and mocks Kaitlyn by rubbing her face on Kaitlyn’s cheek and smiling. Kaitlyn looks to be fading but she makes it to her feet and slams AJ in the corner, and AJ holds on but Kaitlyn spins her and hits a backbreaker. Kaitlyn hits AJ and drops her with a shoulder tackle, then she connects with an inverted DDT for two before clotheslining her for another near fall. She picks AJ up but AJ spins and jumps down on her arm, then she heads up top and sets up a moonsault but Kaitlyn shoves her outside. Langston catches her and rolls her back in, then AJ tries to steal a rollup but Kaitlyn kicks out and spears her. Kaitlyn goes towards AJ but AJ kicks her in the face, then she spins around and puts Kaitlyn in the Black Widow, finally getting her to tap out.

Winner – AJ Lee

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Ryback shoves Jericho in the corner and punches him in the head, then Jericho comes back with some chops in the corner so Ryback rolls outside. He takes his time getting in the ring and Jericho dropkicks him through the ropes, then he rolls him in and hits a top rope forearm and a dropkick. Jericho punches him a few times and whips him across the ring, but Ryback fires right back out of the corner and drops him with a clothesline. Ryback stomps him and tries to scoop slam him but Jericho floats over, then he kicks Ryback’s injured leg so Ryback goes to the apron. Jericho follows him and goes for a springboard kick, but Ryback sees it coming and knocks him down before he puts Jericho in a side headlock.

Jericho makes it to his feet so Ryback scoop slams him and splashes him from the middle rope, then Jericho fights back with some chops but Ryback knees him in the ribs. Jericho rolls to the apron so Ryback clotheslines him to the floor, and Jericho lands in between the commentary tables so Ryback rolls him in and steps on his head. Ryback takes him down with a biel throw, then Jericho comes back with some forearm strikes and a Northern Lights suplex for two. Jericho goes for Walls of Jericho but Ryback kicks him away, then Jericho kicks him in the head and hits a shoulder block before Ryback throws him on the apron. Jericho lands on his feet and goes up top, but Ryback catches him and throws him across the ring before taking him down with a Meathook.

Ryback calls for the end and lifts him for Shell Shocked, but Jericho blocks it and goes for a Codebreaker, only to have Ryback counter with a powerbomb. Ryback hits a second and clotheslines him, then he whips Jericho into the ropes but Jericho comes back with a low dropkick and an enziguiri. Jericho hits a Codebreaker that knocks Ryback out of the ring, but he beats the count back in so Jericho hits a top rope crossbody for two. Jericho punches him a few times and hits the ropes, but Ryback presses him over his head and tries to set up Shell Shocked. Jericho counters with a swinging DDT for two, then he punches Ryback several times before taking him down with a shoulder block. He goes for a Lionsault but Ryback rolls away, and Jericho lands on his feet but Ryback hooks his legs and rolls him up for the win.

Winner – Ryback

World Heavyweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio (c)

Dolph goes for a quick rollup before playing to the fans, then Alberto kicks him and sends him into the ropes, knocking him down with an elbow for a near fall. Alberto puts him in a side headlock but Dolph sends him into the ropes, then he hits a shoulder block but Dolph comes right back with a dropkick. Dolph unloads on Alberto with ten consecutive elbow drops, then he throws Alberto out of the ring and slams his head into the apron. Dolph rolls him in but Alberto catches him offguard with a quick enziguiri, then he rolls him back outside and throws him headfirst into the barricade. Alberto rolls him in and puts him in a headlock, but Dolph comes back with some right hands and a dropkick that sends Alberto into the corner. Dolph goes for a corner splash but misses, then Alberto taunts the fans and chokes Dolph on the ropes before punching him on the floor.

Alberto mocks Dolph before he hits the ropes, then he goes for a dropkick but Dolph avoids it and Alberto crashes out to the floor. Alberto gets up and heads up top but Dolph leaps up and hits a super facebuster, then they slug it out in the middle of the ring before Dolph sends him across the ring. Alberto reverses it and tries to tackle him, but Dolph ducks out of the way and Alberto hits the ringpost, then Dolph reaches and makes a two count pin attempt. Dolph goes for a legdrop bulldog but Alberto counters with a German suplex for two, then he tackles Dolph in the corner and rams him with his shoulder. Alberto goes for a step up enziguiri but Dolph ducks and comes back with a legdrop bulldog, then he goes for a sleeperhold but Alberto shoves him into the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two.

Alberto heads up top but Dolph dropkicks him in midair, then he makes a cover and gets a two count as AJ Lee’s music hits and she skips down to the ring. Dolph looks confused while she skips around the ring, and he says he has this and tells her to leave while he tries to attack Alberto. He sends Alberto into the ropes and hits a tornado DDT for two, then he heads up top but looks at AJ and Alberto uses the distraction to crotch Dolph on the turnbuckles. Alberto jumps up and hits a super inverted suplex for two, then Alberto calls for the Cross Armbreaker but Dolph shoves him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Alberto ducks and flapjacks him, then he superkicks him for a near fall before he argues with the ref and pulls down his kneepad. He runs at Dolph but Dolph blocks the kick, then AJ runs in and hits Alberto with her Divas title and causes a disqualification.

Winner (by disqualification) – Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship
Mark Henry vs John Cena (c)

Henry chokes Cena in the corner and taunts him, then he whips him across the ring and splashes him in the corner before he takes him down with a headbutt. Cena rolls outside so Henry suplexes him on the steps, then he rolls him inside and gets a two count before he hits a leg lariat on the ropes. Henry picks him up and Cena hits a dropkick, then he runs at Henry and Henry knocks him right back down with a clothesline. Henry grabs his legs and swings Cena around the ring, then Cena rolls outside but Henry follows him and throws him into the barricade. Henry taunts the fans as he rolls Cena back in the ring, then he charges him in the corner but Cena avoids the splash and tries to lift him.

Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Henry’s weight is too much, and Henry falls on him and splashes him before putting him in a headlock. Cena comes back with a few punches and two shoulder tackles, then he hits a side suplex and a Five Knuckle Shuffle before going for another AA. Henry once again uses his weight to fall on Cena, and he gets a near fall before going for a powerslam, only to have Cena counter with a DDT. Cena lifts Henry and successfully hits an Attitude Adjustment, but Henry narrowly kicks out so Cena heads up top and goes for a crossbody.

Henry catches him and hits a World’s Strongest Slam, but Cena kicks out and Henry can’t believe it so he tears one of the turnbuckle pads off. Henry goes outside and gets two chairs, and the ref warns him and gets rid of them while Henry takes another turnbuckle pad off. He tries to attack Cena but Cena shoves him into the exposed turnbuckle, then he puts Henry in the STF but Henry reaches the ropes to break the hold. Henry hits Cena and knocks him into the ref, then Henry low blows Cena and makes the cover, but Cena kicks out. Henry goes for another World’s Strongest Slam but Cena floats over and puts him in the STF, then Henry tries to escape but Cena pulls him towards the middle of the mat and makes him tap.

Winner – John Cena

Money In The Bank (WWE Championship)
Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
vs Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk

We go back to the ring and fans are still chanting for Rob Van Dam. His music hits and here he comes to a big pop. Christian is out next followed by Daniel Bryan to a big pop. Randy Orton comes out next to another big pop. Sheamus is out next followed by CM Punk to another big ovation from the Philly crowd.

The bell rings and everyone looks at each other. Fans chant for RVD. RVD poses and everyone attacks him. They beat RVD down and the crowd boos. RVD gets dumped out to the floor. The 5 other Superstars go at it now. Punk and Bryan face off alone in the ring as the fans pop. RVD tries to get back in the ring but gets kicked out. Bryan and Punk go at it now. Punk goes for a GTS but Bryan slides out and goes for the Yes Lock. Sheamus brings a ladder in and runs them both over. Christian comes off the top but Sheamus hits him. Orton drops Sheamus with a dropkick. RVD finally comes off the top and nails Sheamus with a big kick. RVD and Punk go at it. RVD drops Punk and drops Bryan with kicks. RVD sends Christian flying. Another kick to Orton. RVD poses and the fans chant his name.

RVD blocks Killswitch and sends Christian into the ladder. RVD continues to dominate and drops Orton with a kick. RVD goes up top for a Five Star frogsplash but Christian knocks him off with a ladder. Christian brings a small ladder and regular ladder into the ring. Christian cleans house and climbs up for the briefcase. Sheamus stops him and hits a big shoulder thrust into the corner. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Christian cuts him off. Christian goes back for the briefcase but Sheamus stops him. Sheamus goes for a Celtic Cross but Christian slides out. Sheamus blocks a ladder shot and decks Christian with a right hand. Christian goes down and out of the ring. Sheamus sets up a ladder but RVD stops him from getting the briefcase. Sheamus grabs RVD and hits the rolling senton on top of the ladder. Sheamus kicks RVD out and stops Bryan from coming in. Sheamus works over Bryan on the announce table and into the barrier.

Bryan ends up running the apron and hitting knees to the face of Sheamus. Punk sets up the ladder and works over Orton. Punk climbs up but Orton stops him. Punk fights him off but Orton pulls him down. Orton climbs up but Christian stops him. Punk climbs up. Bryan brings a ladder beside his. All 6 Superstars are on 2 ladders now. Everyone reaches for the briefcase. It starts swinging and everyone goes down with the ladders. Sheamus gets up and unloads on everyone. Sheamus rams Christian into the ladder and hits White Noise. Sheamus sets up a ladder but stops to hit RVD in the head with it. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on RVD. The fans boo Sheamus as he climbs up. Bryan meets him and they trade shots on top of the ladder. Sheamus turns him around and hits the series of forearms to the chest. Sheamus sends Bryan to the mat and grabs the briefcase. Punk stops him. Sheamus hangs from the briefcase and falls to the mat without taking it down. Punk with chops in the corner now. Sheamus turns it around and fires back.

Punk takes out Sheamus with a ladder and bows for the crowd. Orton attacks Punk from behind. They trade shots. Orton hits a t-bone suplex into the ladder with Punk. Orton drops Punk again and he rolls out to the floor. Orton gets speared by Christian. Christian knocks Bryan off the apron. Christian sets up the ladder and climbs but RVD cuts him off. RVD props up a ladder in the corner. RVD with the spinning leg drop on Christian before climbing up. Christian stops him and the fans chant for tables. Christian moves the standing ladder into the opposite. Christian grabs another ladder and sets it up. RVD meets him on the top and they trade shots. RVD reaches for the briefcase but Christian goes for it also. The ladder falls over but RVD jumps onto another. RVD nails a barely Five Star Frogsplash from the top of the ladder onto Christian. RVD hurts himself but climbs up as the fans chant his name. Sheamus comes in and climbs up, trading shots with RVD. RVD sends Sheamus to the mat and grabs the briefcase but Sheamus pushes the ladder over. RVD catches his chin on the top rope and lands hard.

Bryan comes over with kicks for both men. Orton comes in but Bryan dropkicks a ladder into him. Bryan leaps out and hits Punk on the floor. Bryan back in with a missile dropkick for Sheamus and RVD at the same time. Bryan decks Orton, RVD and Sheamus with a ladder. Sheamus falls from the top out to the floor and lands hard on a ladder, breaking it. Bryan sets up the ladder and climbs. Curtis Axel runs down and whacks Bryan with a steel chair. Axel hits Bryan again and sends him to the floor. Axel nails his finisher on the floor and leaves Bryan laying. Punk grabs Axel and nails GTS on the floor. Paul Heyman comes down and asks Axel what the hell he was doing. Heyman chews Axel out for messing with Punk. Punk rolls in and starts climbing but he’s slow. Heyman cheers him on. Heyman crawls in the ring and hits Punk with a ladder. Heyman with another ladder shot to Punk, sending him to the mat. Heyman slams ladder into Punk’s head and walks off to the back. RVD climbs up now but Orton pulls him off and nails a RKO in mid-air. Orton climbs up and looks around, everyone is down. Orton grabs the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Orton celebrates. We go to replays. Money in the Bank goes off the air with Orton celebrating with his briefcase.