WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan Hits The Gym With An Old Friend

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan & Professional Wrestling Legend Ed Leslie (Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake) was seen hitting the gym earlier this week after the two had a huge dispute in November of 2017. Their dispute started when The Barber tweeted about The Hulkster spending time with his ex-wife. Beefcake also accused Hogan and his ex-wife of “brainwashing” his daughter, which led to an estranged relationship with her.
WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart remains friends with both veterans and noted this past April in an interview that he believes they were on great terms once again.
“I think everything is great now,” Hart said. “On Christmas holidays, I got a call from Brutus, ‘Jimmy, I love you, baby!’ and I said, ‘I love you too, Brutus!’ And so, it’s like everything else. Your girlfriend, you may have a squabble with her. Your best friend, and, all-of-a-sudden, everything works out to put everything back together, but I think that it’s all good.”

It was previously reported that The Hulkster & Beefcake are indeed in good terms once again as they were seen hanging out in public and they both broke their silence on the matter and said that they have buried the hatchet. You can check out the picture below of The Hulkster & Beefcake in the gym together:

Amazing @brutusbeefcake_ @HulkHogan pic.twitter.com/07XGRKvxHR
— I’m Color Blind (@thejustinkemple) September 6, 2018