WWE Execs Unload Another Considerable Amount Of Company Stock

It is being said that WWE stock recently fell to $77.60, this is down $1.51 from the previous day’s number, but a couple more WWE Executives were able to sell off more stock before the dip in price. Several World Wrestling Entertainment Executives recently sold a combined $160,000 worth of company shares. According to SEC filings, Kevin Dunn and Michelle Wilson have sold even more units of WWE stock.
According to the documents, Kevin Dunn sold another 100,000 shares of WWE stock at different prices on July 30th. He sold 55,496 at $78.586, 26,804 at $79.683 and 17,700 shares at $80.306. This netted WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production $7.92 million. He previously sold 122,926 shares for $10.2 million in July.
WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson sold 140,000 shares of WWE stock on July 31st at a price point of $80.03 for $11.2 million. The number is in addition to the $12.1 million she made earlier in July when she unloaded 121,181 shares at $82.52.

Dunn has a remaining amount of 214,170 shares left, while Wilson has slightly more with 223,426 shares of WWE stock. If Dunn and Wilson elected to sell off the rest of their shares in WWE at the current price of $77.60, it would net them an additional $16.6 million and $17.3 million respectively.