WWE Diva Returns To Raw, Internal Reaction To Eric Escobar's Release, Jericho

— Katie Lea Burchill, who appeared on Raw last week by competing in a first round tournament match for the vacant Divas Championship, is officially a member of the Raw roster again as her profile has been added to its Superstar section. Katie previously competed on Raw in 2008 before being moved to ECW late that year.

Meanwhile, storyline brother Paul has not been added back even though he’s been competing on Raw live events in recent weeks.

— Both the Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Torch are reporting that Eric Escobar’s release from World Wrestling Entertainment over the weekend hardly came as a surprise among many in the company.

Escobar had a reputation for being a “major headcase” throughout his run in the company’s developmental league, Florida Championship Wrestling, to the point that his heat trickled down to former tag partner Eddie “Primo” Colon. Also, there was much head scratching when WWE called him up to the main roster last fall.

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