WWE 205 Live Results (12/12): Derailing The Zo Train

The show starts with a video package recapping the second chance Fatal 4 Way Match which took place last night on RAW to find out who would face Drew Gulak to become the next number one contender. Cedric Alexander would go on to win the match.
We are welcomed to the show by Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness as they preview Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher, which will take place later tonight.
But first, Drew Gulak makes his way down to the ring to talk about his showdown with Cedric Alexander, which he says he will win so that he can go on to face his mentor, Enzo Amore. Drew also talks about another member of The Zo Train, Ariya Daivari, who will be facing Alexander in the first match of the night and Drew calls Alexander a “Grinch” for stealing Daivari’s opportunity to be in the #1 contenders match. Gulak also reveals that Noam Dar suffered a knee injury and is set for surgery. To honor his fallen “mate”, Gulak said that he has prepared a special Powerpoint presentation. But he is interrupted by Cedric Alexander’s music.

Ariya Daivari (with Drew Gulak) vs. Cedric Alexander: Daivari ribs are taped up as we get things going. Gulak yells at the crowd with his megaphone as Alexander gets his usual strikes in early and drops his opponent. A “Let’s go Cedric!” vs. “PowerPoint!” chant breaks out. Alexander with some big chops and then gets tossed out to the apron. Alexander springboards in, but Daivari dodges out to the floor. Alexander goes to the ropes for a big leap, but Gulak halts him and tells him to stay off the top rope. Daivari runs in from behind and strikes, stomping away at his opponent. Alexander gets tossed the floor, with the referee distracted and Gulak hits a big clothesline to lay out Alexander. Action is back in the ring, Daivari hits a bulldog and goes for a quick pin, but only a two count.
Alexander drops Daivari in the corner, gets on the apron and hits a huge kick to the face. Alexander hits a Springboard clothesline and goes for a pin, but only a two count. Alexander is looking to hit the lumbar check, but gets stopped twice. Alexander hits a big elbow and then a handspring spinning kick, but he gets caught in midair and gets spine-bustered by Daivari. Daivari goes to head to the top rope, but Gulak starts yelling at him to get down. Daivari yells “I got this!”as he leaps and hits a big splash and goes for a pin, but only a two count. Daivari is holding his hurt ribs. Alexander recovers and is able to finally hit the lumbar check for the win. Winner: Cedric Alexander
After the match, Alexander and Gulak stare at each other and Alexander celebrates his win.
We get a video package recapping Drew Gulak talking to Enzo last night on Raw when Nia Jax shows up to take away Enzo’s attention. Nia says she wants to talk to Enzo when he isn’t busy.

We head backstage where Gulak, Daivari and Tony Nese are joined by Enzo Amore. Enzo isn’t happy that Drew called a meeting without him, but Gulak says that it is possible he could have the belt soon. Enzo is shocked and insulted by this, then Nese tries to smooth things over, but he gets verbally assaulted by Amore. Amore says that they need to appreciate him since he saved 205 Live. He takes a second to calm down, then rallies the troops and promises to be the best leader possible. He says that he will prove it when he faces Nese later on, and he wants Drew and Ariya at ringside.
Before the next match starts, The Brian Kendrick grabs the mic and says that he is upset because Kalisto continues to get opportunities, and continues to squander them. Kendrick also says that a year ago he was Cruiserweight champion, but he still hasn’t received another chance at the belt. Gallagher then takes the mic, and says that he warned the luchador to stay away. If he comes out here tonight, Jack says he is spring-boarding into a spider’s nest. And that brings out Kalisto.
Jack Gallagher (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Kalisto: Kalisto is getting the best of Gallagher in the early exchanges of the match. Kalisto hits a nice hurricanrana and then he heads up top and hits a spinning arm drag that sends Gallagher out to the floor. Kalisto hits the ropes and fakes a jump to the outside, then Gallagher jumps up on the apron and gets kicked in the face. Kendrick tries to help his partner, but gets kicked too. Kalisto goes after Gallagher, but misses. Kalisto kicks the ring post and hurts his ankle. The referee counts to 9 and he is able to finally jump back in. Gallagher focuses on the ankle now. He puts Kalisto in a tree of woe position and wrenches away at his ankle before slamming his leg down to the mat. Gallagher with more ankle twisting. The referee checks on Kalisto, who won’t give up.

Kalisto finally kicks his way out, but just can’t get any offense going in this one. Gallagher locks in a leg submission in the middle of the ring, but Kalisto is able to break out of it. Kalisto kicks Gallagher’s head and sends him to the floor. Kalisto can barely stand as he launches Gallagher into the second rope, and kicks him again to the face. Kalisto hits a hurricanrana to Gallagher that sends his mug right to the mat. Kalisto goes for the pin, but only a two count. Gallagher hits Kalisto with a thumb to the eye and then a head-butt. Kalisto is able to wrap Gallagher up with a surprise pin and he gets the victory. Winner: Kalisto
After the match, Kendrick hits a chop block to Kalisto to send him right back to the mat. The duo looks to cause more damage, but Gran Metalik runs in to make the save. He springboards in and hits a double drop kick. He arm drags Kendrick to send him out and Gallagher gets a superkick for his trouble. Kalisto then hits a Salida del Sol on Gallagher.
We head backstage before Enzo heads to the ring and Gulak tries to get him to call the match with a fellow Zo Train member off. Enzo says not to stress. Gulak says then why fight Tony? Gulak says “Who said anything about a fight?”, Enzo says that he is like Dean Malenko, he will put on a technical display for the guys tonight and that it’s going to be a good learning experience for everyone.
We get another video vignette of Hideo Itami. He will be debuting on 205 Live next week.
Before the next match starts, Enzo gets on the mic and promotes the upcoming 205 Live shows that will take place in 2018. He says that The Zo Train is an unbreakable unit and anyone who thinks differently is soft. Nese doesn’t seem to be so excited to have this match as Enzo loosens up. 
Tony Nese vs. Enzo Amore (with Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari): Enzo yells at Nese to begin the match and tells him “You want to have a technical match?” and asks him to watch how fast his feet are and he does a little dancing. Nese doesn’t want to fight, and Enzo yells at him for talking behind his back. The crowd yells “beat him up!” as Enzo finally slaps Nese, which seems to flip a switch with Nese. Enzo continues to yell at Nese as Nese looks to finally punch a hole through Enzo. Daivari suddenly jumps in and hits Nese from behind. Winner via DQ: Tony Nese
After the match, both Enzo and Daivari start stomping away as Gulak looks on. Enzo yells at Nese to remember who the leader is as they continue to beat him up. Gulak watches on from ringside. Enzo says that he is the conductor of The Zo Train and Nese should know his place. Enzo goes to hit his finisher as the crowd boos and he looks over at Gulak. Enzo then stops and tells Gulak to prove his worth and get into the ring. Enzo doesn’t think Gulak deserves this, but he finally gets in the ring. Enzo taunts Gulak, “do something!” Gulak finally gets nose-to-nose with Enzo and ends up kicking Nese right in the face. He instantly isn’t happy with what he did. Enzo wants more as Gulak beats up Nese. The crowd is getting restless with a “this is boring!” chant, and yet, they are reacting more to this segment than any other one in the show. Enzo finally hits his finisher to end the show as Gulak continues to pout.
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