We All Drift Apart From Our School Friends & It’s An Inevitable Truth

Remember the days when making excuses for bunking classes, eating food in the middle of a lecture and pulling off an all-nighter before an exam were the only concerns we had? We’ve all come a long way from there. Often, after we finish high school, life gets real and adulthood kicks in. We leave the good old days behind and face the reality. Probably the only part that stays with us even after finishing school is the friends we make.


Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

On our way to adulthood, we lose some of those friends and some, we drift apart from. Our jam-packed schedules hijack our lives. We work like machines all day, every day. To be honest, it’s not like we aren’t friends with our school buddies anymore. It’s not like we won’t acknowledge them if we bump into them. It’s just, we exist and we exist in two different worlds now; worlds that don’t cross each other often. We never really stop caring about those friends but the only thing that changes is the connection. We try to stay in touch, we try our best to make up for the calls we couldn’t return and missing all the important life events – but once we grow up, we start putting ourselves before anyone else. It might feel somewhat selfish at times, but that just us looking out for ourselves. 


We All Change With Time

None of us is the same person anymore. With every new day, we change a little and so, we are different from how we used to be even a couple of years ago. We develop different interests over time and things get somewhat complicated. We aren’t as committed to our friendships as we used to be during school. Spending hours calling each other from landline phones, playing in the park for God knows how long, planning a future together, promising each other to stay in touch, and so much more – it all fades away eventually. We end up ignoring each other because of the distance, because of our unavailability and because of the other priorities we have. Yet, we don’t do any of it on purpose. Life just moves on and not being able to spend hours at stretch with our friends is now the inevitable truth.

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    The Differences That Come In Between

    It’s said that your college friends know who you are but your school friends know why – and sometimes that scares us. When we were in school, we had different plans, we lived in a bubble that burst as soon as we faced the real world. Our school friends have seen how we were ‘back in school’ and they will also see who we are now. We’re afraid that they might reveal the things from our lives that probably no one knows now. Sometimes we don’t want to face those things and so we run away from relationships. But then again, that’s a choice you make.  


    It’s Okay To Drift Apart  

    We don’t intend to be bad friends and neither do they. It’s a human experience – people grow apart. Our ‘best friends forever’ promises turn into ‘we should catch-up’ soon. They are on our social media but it’s tough to keep that friendship alive. Soon, when we grow up we figure out having fewer people who are close to us, is way better than having 20 friends in 20 different cities.

    Moving on is an essential part of our lives and so it’s okay to drift apart from your friends. To be honest, it’s no one’s fault.



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