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We would like to direct you to a great volleyball site. On the website www.volleyconcept.eu you can find complete training sessions in animation.



Developer of volleyconcept.eu, Kris Knapen: "The idea to offer these sessions came by asking colleague coaches what they were really looking for. We noticed that on top level clinics not everyone was satisfied. There were 2 reasons: a lot of coaches were not willing to share the knowledge of the game. They didn’t show as they say “the back of their tongue”. The second reason was that not everyone could profit of the benefits of the clinics.  Let me explain : If you present the possibilities of the data volley scouting program on a clinic with 600 coaches, then you have only 20 coaches in Belgium who can afford the program or even use the program. It’s like explaining the functions of a Ferrari to the poor, very nice, but almost nobody can afford."

Volleyconcept tries to satisfy the majority of the 580 other coaches by presenting complete training sessions by the following concept : all exercises are 100 % with ball, we are not developing separate sessions but a chain of sessions in which coaches can construct there team.
On the internet you can find several exercises, but you won’t find much completely structured practice plans.  Volleyconcept tries to help and instruct the coaches with sessions who increase in difficulty up to a level of serie B (Italy). We try to serve the large group of coaches under the top-level competition.

www.volleyconcept.eu started in 2008 and got of lot of response over the world. By offering the training sessions on a moderate price (3, 25 euro/ 4, 25 USD) we can reach a large public from beginning coaches to the really top expert coaches. We are proud to say that 90% of our clients come back to buy the other training sessions. On our website you can find 2 independent articles, published on the website www.volleyballmag.eu. If you want more information please download the free training session on homepage www.volleyconcept.eu.

Volleyconcept is made and developed by Kris Knapen, Belgian master of physical education, FIVB level III coach.


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