Vince's Reaction To Hardy In TNA, "Best of Raw 2009" Trailer, Ex-Diva Backstage

— WWE has released the trailer for its Best of Raw 2009 DVD, which hits stores two weeks from now. The video segment highlights Raw’s most notable moments from the past year — many of which courtesy of DX. You can view the trailer at the following link.

— While Vince McMahon was no-selling Jeff Hardy appearing on TNA’s three-hour iMPACT! broadcast last week backstage, it’s been said that he was “privately seething” over the former WWE Champion’s decision to jump ship to the competition. As noted earlier, WWE promptly removed Hardy from its opening video montage.

WWE officials were hoping his legal issues would be settled in time for a match with CM Punk at WrestleMania, but with those plans now out the window, they’ll likely go with Punk vs. Rey Mysterio in a Hair vs. Mask Match. (source:

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly was backstage visiting friends last night at the Target Center. The former WWE Diva lives in Minnesota and typically visits friends when WWE tours the area. (source:

— The new media blurb NBC put out regarding the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice makes zero mention of Maria Kanellis and Bill Goldberg.

See the poster for next month’s Elimination Chamber PPV ->