Update on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, & Alberto El Patron Calls Out Usos

As reported earlier this week, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was hospitalized, but the famous diva did not release any further details about what had happened to her. In a quick update, PWInsider is reporting that Sytch still remains in the hospital allegedly from collapsing out of nowhere. Sytch refused to divulge in any more details of what happened to her out of fear that wrestling news sites would report on the issue. Sunny posted photos of herself in the hospital with bruises on her body last week but chose not to reveal anymore than that. She did post a series of cryptic messages such as “heart is broken…again” and “no one cares about me” throughout the week.
The Hall of Famer has had a rough go in the past few years. She sold her Hall of Fame ring on eBay a few years ago, though Sytch claims that she did it as a way to put her wrestling career behind her. In addition to other health-related problems over the years, including one time where she was diagnosed with cancer, Sytch has had a history of legal problems. These offenses have included driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, burglary, as well as a few other incidents. It sounds like the Hall of Famer has run into more bad luck recently. Here’s hoping that the performer formerly known as Sunny will be able to get back on her feet very soon.
The champion of Global Force Wrestling is back at it again with his constant bashing of WWE. Alberto El Patron recently took to Instagram to challenge Triple H and The Usos to a fight in his La Cantinita restaurant in San Antonio. Patron has had some particularly harsh words for Triple H for a while now, but the Usos are his latest target. The Usos referred to a leaked sex tape involving Xavier Woods and Paige, Patron’s girlfriend, during their rap battle against The New Day on last week’s Smackdown. Alberto seemingly makes his thoughts on WWE and anybody who disses his girl very clear whenever he is able to. Patron has claimed that WWE and Triple H once made him lose his passion for the wrestling business.