Update On Prichard's Firing, Stephanie McMahon's Weight, Jeff Hardy Incident

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, www.PWTorch.com

— Regarding the recent firing of Bruce Prichard, it was ultimately as a result of a behavioral incident on the road. Stephanie McMahon made the call to let him go, which Vince didn’t overrule. Prichard’s firing wasn’t as a result of cost-cutting deal or a drug issue, although some in creative believe they are better off without Prichard because he was always trying to nix pre-taped segments so he’d have less work to do. A number of people believe he’ll be brought back to the company at some point, but with less power and no involvement with creative.

— WWE’s television production crew are under strict orders to not show full body shots of Stephanie McMahon during her television appearances. Stephanie is said to be self conscious about her pregnancy weight, which she is still having trouble losing. Her second pregnancy was never mentioned on television and she doesn’t want to come across as if she’s putting on weight. Since returning to television over a month ago, Stephanie still has yet to come down ringside, let alone wear a non-black slimming outfit.

— Regarding the Jeff Hardy “incident” on the day of the Survivor Series, a number of wrestlers out of the loop thought Hardy had overdosed – at least for a few hours when the story first circulated as they weren’t initially made aware of it simply being an angle.

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