Update: Is Paige's WWE Hiatus Due To Injuries Or Other Issues

As reported last week, Paige is currently on the sidelines from WWE and has been pulled from the upcoming overseas tour due to neck and shoulder injuries.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Paige is also dealing with “other issues” with WWE besides injuries, and that some within WWE management were concerned about her status a few weeks ago.

While there has been some speculation that Paige’s injuries aren’t real, but instead a simple cover-up story to explain her current hiatus from WWE, Meltzer noted during the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Paige’s current hiatus has nothing to do with the “other issues,” and that she is legitimately suffering from a couple of injuries.

According to Meltzer, if Paige wasn’t injured, she would still be on the road with WWE and appearing on television, as her “other issues” wouldn’t keep her from working.

Speaking of the “other issues,” Meltzer described them as “not insignificant,” for whatever that is worth.

Paige is reportedly scheduled to be re-evaluated a week from today (Monday, August 15th).

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