Undertaker Confirmed to be In Brooklyn Now, Angle In-Ring Update

In case you haven’t heard, WWE legend The Undertaker was spotted on board an airplane which was departing from Texas to head to New York City. The photo seemed to show that the figure in the photo was indeed The Undertaker, but it was unclear just how authentic or recent the photo truly was. Well, another photo of “The Phenom” in the New York area has since surfaced online, so it does seem like he is definitely in town. The Undertaker has not been seen on WWE television ever since he was “retired” by Roman Reigns at this year’s Wrestlemania. Since his retirement was never officially confirmed, it is possible that he could get involved in the SummerSlam show tonight.
Dave Meltzer has also since confirmed that The Undertaker is indeed in the same town as tonight’s SummerSlam show. While Meltzer thinks “The Deadman” could return during tonight’s show, he also speculated that he may just be in town to record some footage for the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game or some other videos that they may have planned for the future. If Undertaker does return tonight, Meltzer believes it will be during the Universal Championship match in order to cost Roman Reigns the match. This could lead to a rematch between the two at Wrestlemania next year, but Roman is also still rumored to be facing Brock Lesnar at the event. In any case, Undertaker definitely is in Brooklyn right now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens during tonight’s show.

Ever since returning to WWE earlier this year, most fans have been dying to see Kurt Angle return to the ring. Angle himself has admitted in the past that WWE hasn’t even tested him for a return to the ring but the possibility of him wrestling again was never completely ruled out. While doing an interview with Inside the Ropes, Kurt Angle revealed that he does still intend to wrestle in WWE again. His plan is to wrestle by the “end of this year, early next year.” While nothing specific was given, this does give fans a timetable to begin predicting when Angle may wrestle next. He cited AJ Styles, Triple H, Rusev, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Seth Rollins,  Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman as some wrestler that he would like to mix it up with in the ring one day.