UK TV Presenter Dave Benson Phillips Talks Making His Wrestling Debut, World Of Sport’s Return, More!

Former UK Children’s TV Presenter, David Benson Phillips is set to make his wrestling debut this weekend for Riptide Wrestling. Phillips will be teaming up with Session Moth Martina to take on the Anti Fun Police and Phillips spoke with The Mirror ahead of his big debut.

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On his wrestling debut:

“It’s a really interesting thing. I was taking part in Funday Sunday at Horsham and amongst many of my duties included being MC for the day. I was approached by a very lovely guy who I spoke to about a year before from KAPOW Wrestling, asked me if I could go in the ring for a few minutes. I used to wrestle back in the day and so I got in the ring and chucked somebody about for a while. So you can only imagine my surprise when there was a phone call to my agent from Riptide Wrestling, asking if I was up for a bout against the Anti Fun Police. I can’t believe that I have been asked to do such a thing but I am looking forward to it!”

Phillips’ reaction to World Of Sport returning:

“I could not believe it when I saw it, I had to do a double take. Wrestling has always been big, but more so in America. The British wrestling scene has always been relegated below that. But talking to the KAPOW bunch, they couldn’t be more excited about World of Sport coming back because it just helps to put British wrestling back on the map.”

On the fan response to him wrestling:

“It’s an interesting one, young wrestling fans are quite shocked. For adults it’s quite an interesting thing to read as a lot of them probably watched me on television when they were younger. Some fans have been good about it because I have seen some stuff come up on my Twitter page. One of my good friends Tim Griffiths is a big wrestling fan and he is really thrown by it all, I need to get him tickets for the show. I have really been quite amazed by the speed of social media and the reception I’ve received.”

Does he know much about who he is working with?

“My work on this has begun in earnest. I am going to have to find out as much as I can about Riptide Wrestling, ‘Session Moth; Martina and the Anti Fun Police. I have also got to get fit as well, which isn’t as easy at 53-years-old!”

Source :

The Mirror