Trump claims US companies will leave Mexico if he imposes tariffs

President Trump predicted on Sunday that American companies operating south of the border will return to the United States because of his threat to impose tariffs if Mexico doesn’t crack down and stop illegal immigration.

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​”People have been saying for years that we should talk to Mexico. The problem is that Mexico is an ​’​abuser​’​ of the United States, taking but never giving. It has been this way for decades​,” Trump said in a series of morning tweets.

“Either they stop the invasion of our Country by Drug Dealers, Cartels, Human Traffickers​, ​Coyotes and Illegal Immigrants, which they can do very easily, or our many companies and jobs that have been foolishly allowed to move South of the Border, will be brought back into the United States through taxation (Tariffs)​,” Trump said in the posting.

“America has had enough!​,” he added.

​The president last week announced that he would impose tariffs of 5 percent on ​Mexican imports beginning June 10 if Mexico doesn’t stem the flow of illegal immigrants passing through the country on their way to the United States.

The tariffs would increase 5 percent each month and could hit 25 percent by October.

In the tweets, Trump also bashed Democrats on border security.

​”The Democrats are doing nothing on the Border to address the Humanitarian and National Security Crisis! Could be fixed so easily if they would vote with Republicans to fix the loopholes,” he said.

Trump also addressed a decision by a federal judge last month that temporarily blocked his administration’s plan to divert $1 billion from the Pentagon for construction of a wall on the US-Mexican border.

​”The Wall is under construction and moving along quickly, despite all of the Radical Liberal Democrat lawsuits. What are they thinking as our Country is invaded by so many people (illegals) and things (Drugs) that we do not want​,” he said. “Make America Great Again!​”​

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