Top 10 Grossing WWE Movies Of All Time

The WWE is expanding and there are a number of movies that have come out from the WWE studios. the WWE has a legitimate production company and has attracted some well known actors. These are the top 10 Grossing WWE movies of all time.
.10 The Condemned

 This movie grossed $8.5 million. It was first released in 2007 and the star of the movie was Stone Cold Steve Austin. In this movie Austin played a man that was awaiting execution in foreign prison. He was ordered a chance for his freedom if he was filling to fight to the death. This illegal fight was going to be shown online. While it may not be the best storyline this movie did pretty well for the WWE.

 . 9 12 Rounds

 This movie grossed over $17 million for the WWE. The star of this movie was John Cena and was actually pretty good. Cena plays and office that was asked to help the FBI catch a drug dealer. Something happens and the dealer’s girlfriend gets killed. The dealer escapes from jail and wants revenge. The officer has to fight 12 rounds in order for it to end. Cena does a pretty good job playing the hero.

 .8 Dead Man Down

 This movie grossed $18 million. Colin Farrell played the lead role. Farrell’s character was on a mission to avenge the death of his family. There is a lot of action and there are many plot twists.

 .7 See No Evil

 This movie grossed $18.5 million. The movie stars Kane as a sadistic bad guy. Kane gets to kill a bunch of people just because he could. There was a lot of violence and there were some interesting kill scenes.

 .6 The Marine

 This movie grossed $21 million. This is another movie that stars John Cena. In this movie Cena plays a Marine who was discharged from the services. While he is on vacation a group of thieves kidnaps his wife and he stops at nothing to get her back.

 .5 Oculus

 This movie did pretty well for the WWE and grossed $44 million. This movie does not contain any big name actions and at first the plot may seem a little silly. A young couple finds a haunted mirror. It turns out that the mirror makes them both have evil hallucinations. Some of them are pretty small but as the movie goes on they become bad. The couple ends up having to fight for their lives.

 .4 Walking Tall

 This movie stared the Rock and grossed $57 million. The Rock plays a man that is just returning from the services and is on a mission to save his town from a bunch of thugs. He plays the role of a hero and is able to take down an entire police force. This movie also features Johnny Knoxville as his sidekick.

 .3 The Call

 This WWE movie grossed $68.5 million. Halle Berry was the star of the film. She plays the role of a 911 operator and gets a call from a girl about to be murdered. She pleads with the would be killer but tell her it already happened. She then goes on a quest to find the man and bring him in.

 .2 The Rundown

 This movie grossed almost $91 million. Many say that this is the role that helped the Rock turn from a wrestler into a serious actor. He plays a bounty hunter that has to capture a man on the run. The man is always trying to escape. They end up teaming up to take down the real bad guys.

.1 The Scorpion King

This was one of the biggest hits for the WWE movie production company. This film grossed $160 million. Once again the Rock was the main star. This movie was a prequel to the Mummy services and the rock is once again the hero of the movie. He has to go around saving people from the living as well as the non living in this movie.

 These are the top grossing movies for the WWE. These movies turned some of the stars into serious actors and the plot lines of the movies are improving as well.