Too Cold Scorpio's Release, Hogan Poses With Athletes, OVW Girls In WWE Video

The recently released Too Cold Scorpio appeared on the ‘Monday Night Mayhem’ online radio show on Monday night. When asked about why he was released from WWE, he said that The “powers-that-be” thought that he was not up to par, not quite in shape, and that with all the writing in the company, he would find it very odd that they could not find anything for him on any of the three shows. They told him, “creative has nothing for you.” He also added that the reason he was not on ECW was because of alleged “heat” with Paul Heyman. However, he said that he heard that through the grapevine. Also, he had been sitting at home for several months and thus he asked to go to OVW to “get off the ring rust and to get in shape.” He also added that he feels that he was “screwed” because he never got a chance to show the company what he could do.

On there is a video called “Lifestyle Of the Built And Dangerous” featuring Cryme Time. They have two unidentified girls with them. The identity of those two girls are She Nay Nay and Jennifer Thomas. She Nay Nay is a Canadian women’s wrestler who has appeared on a few OVW shows. Thomas appeared on a few OVW shows last year, but she hasn’t been seen in a while. They are both without WWE developmental deals.

The AP released a photo of Hulk Hogan posing with fellow athletes Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, New York Mets pitcher Tom Glavine and baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith. This was before the 2007 Father of the Year Awards in New York last night. Smith hosted the event while the others received Father of the Year awards. Click here to see the photo.

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