TNA Looking To Cut Costs, Update On The Main Event Mafia Storyline

— Backstage in TNA, many feel the company is looking to eliminate a handful of talent in the coming weeks. While i have not heard any specific names, wrestlers looking to be released from their contracts are more likely now to be granted his or her wish. Recently, Johnny Devine requested his release, and it was granted. TNA is looking to cut costs, and due to recent contract renewals of some higher paid talent, the company is now more open to the idea of cutting free some talent that TNA hasn’t invested alot into.

— There is also talk backstage that wrestlers who havent’t been receiving pushes or used lot on television recently are trying to get involved in the Main Event Mafia angle. Many of the wrestlers believe they need to be apart of this angle since they are likely to fall through the cracks, which happened to many workers in WCW when the New World Order angle dominated the direction of the promotion.

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