Tiny dancer is taking the internet by storm, thanks to Lizzo

Ivanah Campbell of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is just 6 years old — but her fast feet already have celebrity endorsements.

“Rare footage of me as a child,” Lizzo tweeted with Ivanah’s video dancing to the pop diva’s hit song, “Juice.” The viral video now has 4.8 million views on Lizzo’s account alone.

Ivanah’s personal Instagram — which, according to the bio, is run by her aunt — has only 12 posts but racked up 196,000 followers in less than a week. And she has more than 50,000 “friends” on Facebook.

Ivanah’s dance coach, Ashwin Le Breton, was blown away by the girl when she started attending one of his classes at Portia Appolis dance studio nearly two

“She [has] her own style of dancing,” Le Breton tells The Post. “As a dancer, she has so much energy.”

Her latest routine is a sassy take on the “Baby Shark” phenomenon.

Next up: If Lizzo gets her way, Ivanah will be invited to dance for the masses on “Good Morning America.”

“Invite me & Ivanah on the show so we can perform together,” the singer posted after “GMA” aired the clip earlier this week.

Will Smith is also a fan, reposting a video of Ivanah dancing to DjBBoy’s song “Paga A Beida Da Bela,” barefoot on the side of the road. “This girl has life figured out! I’m bout to go find some traffic right now … and dance!,” Smith captioned the video, which has 11.5 million views as of Thursday.

“This kid is cooler than I could ever hope to be,” tweeted “Captain America” star Chris Evans, with a clip of Ivanah in action.

Ivanah had her big break during a concert with her dance school classmates in November. “I just got bored,” she told the South African newspaper, The Herald. After the other dancers missed a cue, she started to freestyle. Ivanah, who has been dancing since she was 3, lives with her grandparents and aunt Tania Mejanie, 26, who started her niece’s Facebook page in May.

“I loved dancing,” Ivanah told her local news outlet. “Whenever a song played, I just started to move.”

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