Thursday's Impact Rating Drops Throughout Show, Update On Roxxi, Taylor Wilde

— The final iMPACT! on Thursday nights averaged a 1.14 cable rating off of hours of 1.26 and 1.02, which is equal to the rating the show scored last week.

iMPACT! opened with a strong 1.31 quarter-hour and dropped consistently throughout the remainder of the broadcast with the final quarter-hour drawing a show-low 0.93 rating.

From the start of the show to its end, iMPACT! lost 30 percent of its audience. (source:

— It was reported this past week that Roxxi has once again parted ways with TNA. It should be noted that wasn’t released from the organization as she was never under contract to begin with. She was brought back last year on a per-per-appearance basis. Furthermore, she was not removed from TNA website’s roster page as she was never actually listed in the first place.

In related news, Roxxi announced yesterday on her Facebook account that she would not be returning to active wrestling at tonight’s Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) event in Union City, New Jersey as she is still nursing a broken ankle which hasn’t fully healed.

— Taylor Wilde is auctioning off the teal ring-worn outfit worn at No Surrender where alongside Sarita, were crowned the first TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions. You can view the auction at the following link. Bidding ends Saturday evening.

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