This Might Be The Most Cruel Joke Ever, But The Video Of ‘Kamlesh Soluchan’ In School Is Fake!

If you are active on social media, you know that it takes no time for videos to go viral on the internet. One such video was of a 13-year-old kid Kamlesh, who was severely addicted to the ‘solution’ – a drug; so much so that it started making multiple rounds on the internet. The video went viral and it was disappointing to see the memes that followed. 

The problem lies exactly in the fact that people made fun of the misery of a 13-year-old boy. It was not only disturbing but also, heartbreaking to see the harsh realities of poverty in our own country.

Yesterday, when a Facebook page posted a video of Kamlesh, saying that he was in school and safe, we were surprised to see the change. Honestly, it brought back hope and we began to believe that there was sunshine after a rainy day, right? Well, guess what? We were wrong. The second video that went viral was fake and even though the kid in this new video looked similar to Kamlesh, it was definitely not him. 

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  • If you watch both the videos, you’ll realize that the two kids look different and sound different. What we fail to understand is why bring out a fake video? It’s extremely juvenile for someone to spread misleading information about a different kid claiming to be Kamlesh when he clearly isn’t. 

    In a world where our 13-year-olds are addicted to drugs and suffering, we need to wake up from our slumber and do our bit to make things better. Pretending that everything is okay and living in a comfortable bubble of our own will get us nowhere.


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