This Dog Is Refusing To Leave The Hospital Premises Where His 59-Year-Old Homeless Owner Died

It’s funny how humans hurl the term ‘dog’ as an abuse to call out on someone who isn’t warm; contradicting the fact that dogs, in fact, are the most loyal beings ever. In the past, we have seen innumerable instances where dogs have gone above and beyond to help their humans.

Here’s another painful anecdote that might just move you to tears. 

A pet dog whose owner was stabbed to death back in October 2017 is refusing to leave the hospital premises, waiting for him. The dog who chased the ambulance that picked up the person has put his foot down outside the hospital and is refusing to leave. 

The Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Brazil has now become famous for the dog who isn’t leaving, similar to Hachiko’s story. 

The staff of the hospital is quite overwhelmed with the dog’s gesture and is taking full care by facilitating food and water for it. They have even found a local kennel, just 5 km away from the hospital, willing to take it.

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  • We are assuming our readers know that this isn’t the first time that a dog has done something like this. Many dogs have chased their deceased owners to graveyards and hospitals, wishing that they’ll get better soon. 

    It’s heart-warming yet painful to see them waiting for their owners. We often forget that our pet might just be a part of our life, but for them, we are their whole life.


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