This Chocolate Museum In New York City Will Simply Make Your Mouth Water!

If there’s one religion that binds the entire world together, it has to be ‘the-love-for-chocolate’. From kids to adults, the dreamy-creamy-deliciousness has everyone on board!

So the news is that New York just got its first chocolate museum and we are going nuts!

Chloe Pantaz

The legendary chocolatier Jacques Torres will soon be opening a museum dedicated to all things related to chocolate; one can eat, see and learn interesting facts about it at the museum. 

Choco-Story New York: The Chocolate Museum and Experience was inaugurated on 8th of March at chocolatier Jacques Torres’ SoHo store. 

The store exhibits artefacts, utensils, cocoa trees in Central America, mass-produced treats and a lot more. 

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  • Visitors can participate in the chocolate tasting, culinary demonstrations and even mould chocolate bars to take home. 

    How cool is that?

    Before the tour begins, guests are treated with delectable chocolate truffles- the first of the many delicacies. 

    Chocolate expert Eddy Van Belle then manages the first part of the tour, where he shares fascinating facts. 

    The museum then slowly introduces visitors to the history of chocolate, taking them nearly 5,500 years back.

    They’re also shown enchanting artefacts used in the production of ground cocoa beans.

    The tour beguiles you, shares chocolate anecdotes, like the solid chocolate we’re used to biting into today is relatively young.

    Moulds were first used at the start of the 19th century.

    The best part of the tour is that as a visitor, you get to participate in moulding chocolate under Torres’ direction.

    Visitors have to pay $40 for the hands-on experience alone, or $45 to make chocolate and get into the museum.

    Folks, what are you waiting for? Get.Set.Go!


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