The unstoppable Le Cannet

The new year brought victories for Le Cannet, Cannes, St. Cloud, Béziers, Terville and Venelles, after a thrilling 10th leg of the French regular season.

Le Cannet reaches the 8th consecutive victory, a long winning streak. Will Marchesi’s players be able to keep the carry that flow over the next legs? Le Cannet dominated Nantes due to Fedele’s and Lichtman’s scoring performance (26, respectively 24 points). The derby of the 10th leg not one moment lacked suspense, both teams put up a hard fight, but in the end details made the difference: Le Cannet claimed a beautiful five sets victory over Nantes to push them on the second place, after the leader, RC Cannes. Nantes falls down on the third position. Mulhouse, on the other hand, did not  take advantage of this loss as Paris St. Cloud surprised them home: 0-3 ((19-25, 21-25, 18-25).

Mulhouse falls down therefore two places, currently on the 6th position behind Béziers and Paris. Béziers, on the other hand, rolled over St. Raphaël in three sets. RC Cannes currently top the charts with 28 points after Saturday’s away victory over rookie Vannes (1-3: 22-25, 16-25, 23-25, 19-25).

Terville cashed in on last placed Hainaut and took advantage on the favourable situation to climb straight to the 9th position. Venelles claimed a four sets home victory against Istres and seems to have found their way back.

Photo: Pascal Mistral Photography 2014 (Saison 2014/2015)


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