The Search For The Perfect Gift For Men Ends Here. We Finally Know What They Want!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone is busy thinking of innovative ways to surprise their partner and shower them with their favourite gifts. For guys, it is a relatively easy task to pick a gift up for their lady love. Women are crafty enough to drop hints here and there of all the things they like, but oh boy, what a task it is to decide a gift for your man for Valentine’s Day. With such limited gifting options for men, you can’t help wonder what will bring a huge smile on his face.

Is it a gaming console, apparels, perfumes, watches or a good bottle of scotch/whisky? Who knows? Getting stuck in a gifting rut this Valentine’s Day is the worst thing that can happen. Luckily, we have found a way to get you out of that rut. While doing some online research (who am I kidding, I was busy adding things to my shopping cart), I stumbled upon a website that recently hosted a poll that has the perfect solution for all our gifting problems. The poll called Gifts Men Love invited men all over to vote the top 5 gifts that they would love to receive.

The extensive list of gifts included in the poll comprised of watches, scotch/whisky, perfume, shirt, sunglasses, shoes, headphones, wallet, tie and a jacket. With men all over the country casting their vote for the perfect gift, the message was going to be quite clear. To help decode what #GiftsMenLove, TVF even came up with the perfect video to help the confused ones (like us) out!

The video sure was a hilarious take on gifting, but it was the results of the poll that left me stunned. Leaving whisky behind at no 2, men have voted for watches as the gift they would love to receive. I was rooting for scotch/whisky all along and to be honest, I am a tad disappointed but happy nonetheless to know that it holds a strong spot in the top 3 gifts loved by men. Cheers to that! The other gifts that make up the top 5 options are jackets, sunglasses, and headphones. Here is the complete list of the poll results.

USL/Gifts Men Love

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  • Now that you know what men want, don’t get stuck with boring gifting options!


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