The Miz's Hectic Travel Schedule, Kings Of Wrestling Not Reuniting In WWE

– WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz will be appearing on tonight’s WWE RAW from Milwaukee, Wisconsin after spending a week in the UK to do media appearances for WWE. As for how he got from the UK to Wisconsin this morning, he tweeted:

“Flew into Chicago from London Drove 2 hours to Milwaukee worked out, ate, slept up at 6am for media. #MizAroundTheWorld #JetLagIsForAmateurs”

After RAW – Miz heads back overseas for more WWE media appearances.

– WWE currently has no plans of reuniting the former “Kings of Wrestling” – WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro and NXT wrestler Kassius Ohno. The former Ring of Honor tag team champions teamed together at Thursday night’s WWE NXT taping against CM Punk & Seth Rollins, however is reporting that match was done as a special attraction for the live audience.

WWE has high hopes that Antonio Cesaro has the potential to break out as a singles wrestler on the main roster. Once Kassius Ohno gets called up, it’s possible there will be some acknowledgement of their past together, but don’t expect them to make a run at the WWE tag titles.

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