The Man In The Mask – 9 Actors Who Played Horror’s Most Iconic Bad Guys

What is it about a mask that creates intrigue? Why the urgency? Why the need for the big reveal? Is it the knowledge that a mask that is worn can be taken off or is it something as simple as finally learning about the people who managed to give us nightmares for days?

Unmasking some of the horror genre’s most iconic bad guys on this list is an attempt to, kill, if you will, precisely these questions. Also, it hella fun. Enjoy the ride.

1. The Nun | Bonnie Aarons

Spotted in: The Conjuring (2013); The Conjuring 2

2. The Ghost | Takako Fuji

Spotted in: The Grudge (2004)

3. Samara | Daveigh Chase

Spotted in: The Ring (2002)

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  • 4. Ghostface | Roger L. Jackson

    Heard* in: Scream (1996)

    *Jackson voiced the character of Ghostface in the film.

    5. Pennywise | Tim Curry

    Spotted in: It

    6. Jason Voorhees | Kane Hodder

    Spotted in: the original Friday the 13th movie

    7. Freddy Krueger | Robert Englund

    Spotted in: A Nightmare on Elm Street

    8. Michael Myers | Tyler Mane

    Spotted in: the Halloween series

    9. Frankenstein’s monster | Boris Karloff

    Spotted in: Frankenstein (1931)


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