The Lawcast – WWE Summerslam 2002 Is, Match For Match, The Greatest Show In The History of Wrestling

Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! After a long, long slog of bad Summerslam after bad Summerslam, we have finally arrived at the one we have been yearning for for oh so long. Summerslam 2002, an incredible oasis in the desert of suck that have been these shows. It may be the best show ever. It almost certainly is the least crappy show ever, and we will explain that distinction at length.

What makes it so good? Well shit, we only have the return to the ring of Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight with Triple H. How about the ascension to godhood of Brock Lesnar in his first title match against the Rock? And what if I told you the undercard was full of a bunch of matches that were made when WWE just threw up their hands and tried to book the best in ring matches possible because they were out of ideas? Oh yeah, this show is special. Let’s do this.

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