The First Thing I Did After Watching This Video Was Call My Friend

It is February already and just as we step into this month, we are hit by the wave of love all around us. From days celebrating the different elements of love like Rose Day and Chocolate Day to the grand finale with Valentine’s Day, things are always so mushy during this time of the year. This is the time when our social media timelines get flooded with cheesy proposals and romantic videos. Lucky for me, amidst this love mayhem, I stumbled upon a beautiful video that talked about what love really is.

Love isn’t just an emotion you feel for someone you are romantically involved with. Love is the great feeling of caring, attachment and never being alone; be it at college, office or in life. Love is friendship. This video by CaratLane beautifully summed up my kind of love and the first thing I did after watching this video was calling my friend who has been by my side through thick and thin, never for once letting me feel alone. Watch the video to know that there isn’t just one kind of love. It is now time we open our hearts to everyone around us. Let’s celebrate the love that finds us every day. Join us to celebrate the #EveryDayLove with the beautiful video series by CaratLane.  

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