Teacher Seals KG Student’s Mouth With A Tape For ‘Talking Too Much’ & It’s So Disturbing!

As kids, a lot of us were talkative, right? And while our teachers often got annoyed with the constant chit-chatting and punished us for it, they were still quite patient with us. However, if the kind of treatment meted out to students in various schools, is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that we, as a society have become less tolerant.


Recently a teacher from Sesame Tree School in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana sealed a student’s mouth with tape for ‘talking too much’. What makes it even more heart-wrenching is the fact that he was a KG student; too young to fully understand the dynamics of the situation. The incident was reported on Saturday, last week. The teacher was extremely annoyed by the boy’s constant talking in the class, despite her warnings. And the moment she couldn’t handle it anymore, she decided to shut his mouth with a tape. 

“He was very dull when he came home that day and when we inquired, he told us that his teacher had gagged his mouth with tape for talking to other students in the classroom. We called the school principal to inquire about the incident, but there was no response,” the boy’s mother told Deccan Chronicle. Later the parents decided to register a police complaint against the teacher under section 82 of the Juvenile Justice Act. 


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  • For some reason, it’s tough for us to imagine gagging a KG student’s mouth just because he’s talkative. Parents send their kids to school for better development and trust the teacher with their child, and if someone misuses that responsibility, they should be dealt with strictly. A KG student is a 4-year-old kid – imagine curbing his ability to talk for one whole day. What effect would it have on his mind? 

    There’s a thin line between disciplining students and mistreating them. Schools and educational institutions across the globe need to make sure that teachers understand the difference between the two. 


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