Strong Winds Cause A Pillar To Break Off A Building And It Crash-Lands Straight On A Moving Bus

Extreme weather conditions can cause some very frightening accidents. Only recently we saw a video where a portion of the roof at China’s Nanchang Changbei International Airport came crumbling down due to bad weather.

In a similar incident that occurred in Shanghai, China, strong winds caused a pillar to break off a building and crash-land on a moving bus.


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The incident took place on March 5. In a CCTV clip posted on Facebook by CGTN, a decorative column can be seen falling on a moving bus after it came loose from a building. The pillar broke into two pieces and caused severe damage to the vehicle as well. 

A person was seen travelling on the bus when the pillar crashed but thankfully, he wasn’t injured in the accident.

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    Wow, that was scary! Fortunately, there weren’t many people on the bus at the time because otherwise, the damage would have been massive. Also, the bus seemed like a tough nut to crack, and thankfully so.


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