Stolen Ashes Returned To Husband After Monrovia Burglary

MONROVIA, CA — An unmarked package was left on his doorstep in Monrovia. Inside was a glass heart containing his wife’s ashes, which were stolen last week during a home burglary.

“It worked!” Donny Arthur said in a video posted to Facebook.

Arthur shared his story earlier this week in hopes that he would be reunited with his wife. A few days later, the package — containing the glass heart and some wrist watches — was left on his doorstep.

The Mt. Lowe Brewing Company, who calls Arthur “a dear friend and patron,” put out calls on social media to help find the missing ashes.

“Just knowing that somebody else has it is not right,” Arthur told NBC Los Angeles about the missing ashes Monday night. “It’s supposed to be with me. It’s supposed to be with me forever. I vowed to love her with my life, not just hers.”

The break-in occurred about 11:30 a.m. Friday in the 300 block of East Foothill Boulevard, according to the Monrovia Police Department. Multiple items were taken in the break-in, but some can’t be replaced.

“That heart, I can’t replace it. Somebody has my wife,” Donny Arthur told KTLA earlier this week.

Arthur told the news station he was laid off from his job, and then came home to find the rear door of his house was tampered with. He went into his house to hold the ceramic heart, and it wasn’t on the stand anymore, he said.

“I had a rough day. So I set my briefcase down and I went in to grab the heart, which had her remains, so I could just hold it, because it brings me comfort when I’ve had a bad day,” he told KTLA.

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