*SPOILERS* SmackDown & NXT Tapings Results From Liverpool

Credit to Rajah.com readers Mo and Ben for texting in the following spoilers from today’s WWE SmackDown & NXT tapings from Liverpool, England:

Dark Match:

* Justin Gabriel beat local wrestler Matthew O’Kay.


* Rookie Challenge opens the show. Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman vs. Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil is set for tonight.

* Tyson Kidd beat Trent Baretta in a great match.

* Jimmy Uso beat JTG.


* Daniel Bryan beat William Regal in the match of the night so far, exciting, fans into it and great.

WWE SmackDown

* Randy Orton opens the show and talks about the 5-on-5 elimination match. Wade Barrett comes out and says his team will be the victors at Survivor Series.

Christian comes out in a neck brace. They beat Orton down which brings out Sheamus to make the save. Teddy Long interrupts and makes Sheamus vs. Christian and Orton vs. Barrett for tonight.

* Sheamus beat Christian with the Celtic Cross. Another good match between the two. One sweet spot was when Christian jumped out of the ring, got caught by Sheamus, who rammed him into the barricade.

* Daniel Bryan was talking backstage with A.J. and Kaitlyn about he almost cashed MiTB last week. Mark Henry turned up and said how dare Bryan almost cash it in. He said Bryan had guts but he will spill them later tonight in their match.

* A promo package for Ezekiel Jackson was shown.

* A terrible Teddy Long and Aksana backstage segment occurred. The less said the better. Alicia Fox was involved.

* Ted DiBiase beat Jinder Mahal. Jinder didn’t even get an entrance. Ted won quickly. Squash match.

* Mark Henry beat Daniel Bryan. Henry won with the World’s Strongest Slam. After the match, Henry got the chair meaning to break his leg, but Bryan got the chair and hit Henry with it. Henry no sold and gave him the World’s Strongest Slam several times. He put him in the corner with the chair on his leg, but Big Show made the save.

Henry kept Show out of the ring, and hit Bryan on the back with the chair. Show stood on the apron and the two had a stare off until henry got out of the ring. Show got in, tossed the world championship back to Henry, then got on the mic to trash him.

* Big Show defeated three enhancement wrestlers. Henry then trashed him from the ramp. Henry botched his promo afterwards. He did say he has impressed everyone and he will beat Show at Survivor Series and leave him with a lasting impression.

* Alicia Fox beat Tamina. Natalya was on commentary. Said to be a “crappy match.”

* There was a bit with Sheamus and Matt Striker talking about Sheamus’s temper.

* Hunico and Epico beat The Uso Twins. After the match, the Mexicans triple beat on The Uso’s, including a sweet triple finisher. Hunico got the mic and spoke in Spanish and got the “What” treatment.

* Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton. Orton went for the RKO and Barrett avoided it. Barrett won with a thumb to the eye and a roll up. Good match.

* Pictures from TRISH STRATUS’ New Action Movie (Tight Leather Jumpsuit)

(Partial Source: prowrestling.net)