*Spoilers* – Friday Night SmackDown Taping Results For July 30, 2010

Report by Anthony Silvas

First off, the American Bank Center was packed except where the camera were located, the upper deck section was blocked off..

Dark Match:

***Alberto Del Rio defeated Matt Hardy by TapOut due to a submission armbar.. Short Match, Alberto did cut a promo before the match.

Announcers are introduced: Michael Cole & Josh Mathews.. Then, out came Matt Striker, (Your Teacher).

NXT Taping:

NXT Pros are introduced by Matt Striker.
NXT Rookies are introduced by Matt Striker..
All NXT Rookies were in the ring telling their “Story”.

***Percy Watson w/ MVP defeated Zack Ryder..

Promo with John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood..

***Michael McGillicutty w/ Kofi Kingston defeated Eli Cottonwood w/ John Morrison..

Promo feat. Lay-Cool, Kaval, & Husky Harris..

***Husky Harris w/ Cody Rhodes defeats Kaval w/ Lay-Cool..

NXT Poll where Eli Cottonwood was ranked last, therefore eliminated.. A brawl erupted starting with Eli and Husky and then escalating with Alex Riley trying to jump on top of Eli but he kept falling down.. On the way out, Eli pushed John Morrison and then went backstage.. Another brawl started and Eli came back out and brawled.. The only one left standing was Michael McGillicutty in the middle of the ring..

WWE Personnel come out and switch out the Ring Ropes, Ring Aprons, & Announcer’s Table cover for WWE SuperStars…

WWE SuperStars Taping:

***Caylen Kroft w/ Trent Barretta defeated “Masterpiece” Chris Masters…

***MVP defeated Chavo Guerrero
Great Crowd reaction on this match.. A lot of Chavo chants and I hope it’s not edited but Chavo was the crowd favorite.. Great back and forth match..

WWE Personnel come out and place a rug for an interview segment and also place a coffin in the ring.. Kane comes out..

WWE Smackdown Taping:


Smackdown starts with a long, boring segment with Kane, saying his brother (Undertaker) opened his eyes for the first time and talked for the first time.. Undertaker tells Kane that it was “Rey Mysterio” who did this damage to him.. Segment was too long and too boring.. He opens the casket, which is empty.. and that was it.

Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger in a “No Disqualification” Match is the Main Event..

***Christian defeats Drew McIntyre with a roll up.. McIntyre worked on Christian’s shoulder for majority of the match.. It was a great 15 minute match, seemed longer with back and forth action..

Promo with C.M. Punk and his Straight Edge Society.. Punk and Joey Mercury were not wearing their masks..

***Big Show & Luke Gallows w/ Straight Edge Society ended in a No-Contest due to a brawl outside the ring started and they attacked Big Show’s hand after ramming him to the steps.. C.M. Punk stomped on the hand several times and so did Serena. Up close camera shot shows Big Show having heel marks on his hand..

***Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston by disqualification after Kofi shoved the Referee.. Great match. As Kofi was laid out in the corner, with Ziggler’s distracting the referee, Vickie slapped him, which upset Kofi and he went nuts, attacking Ziggler.. After the bell, Kofi and Ziggler brawled to the outside where Kofi threw Zigger over the announce table.. Kofi was restrained by security and Ziggler was helped out by WWE Personnel..

Promo of Josh Mathews w/ Jack Swagger takes place where he says he’s gonna take Rey’s legs apart and then throw him across the street, inside the Gulf Of Mexico cause if he can’t walk, he can’t swim..

***WWE Women’s Championship Match***

***Layla w/ Michelle McCool vs Tiffany w/ Kelly Kelly is next, but out comes “EXCUSE ME” Vickie to interrupt and announce “by the power invested in me” I declare this match is Michelle McCool vs Tiffany for the WWE Women’s Title..

***Michelle McCool w/ Layla defeats Tiffany w/ Kelly Kelly after the Style’s Clash..
After the match, Teddy Long comes on the Titantron and announce that the Co-Women’s champions need to decide which one will be the only titleholder as their can only be one.. If they can’t decide, he will decide for them next week..


***Rey Mysterio & Jack Swagger ended as a “No Contest”.. Rey came in the ring limping. The match ended up in the crowd then out to the WWE Merchandise Stand, then out to the street of Corpus Christi, Texas.. Ended up by the Gulf Of Mexico, where Rey did a Hurancarana to flip Swagger into the Gulf Of Mexico.. As Rey turned towards the camera, he was met by a hand across the throat by Kane, who chokeslammed Rey into the Gulf Of Mexico.. Show ends with the camera on Kane’s face..


WWE Personnel come out running as they are setting up the ring for a Cage Match..

Big Show comes out with his hand taped up and walks around the ring as the personnel are setting up the ring. He starts on the mic about enjoying Corpus Christi, then he steps in the ring and challenges Kane to a WWE Heavyweight Title Match.. Kane’s pyro hits with his entrance music..

***WWE Heavyweight Title Match***

***Kane defeats Big Show after sliding out of the ring thru the door..

As Kane is leaving up the ramp, Rey Mysterio’s music hits and forces Kane to go back into the ring with a waiting Big Show behind him. As Kane turns around, he gets chokeslammed by Big Show to end the match.. Rey celebrates on top of the cage, walking on the ropes to each corner to acknowledge the crowd.. Big Show leaves, then Kane slides out of the ring and returns to the back.. Rey celebrates with the Ringside crowd autographing and taking pictures for several minutes then goes to the back.. Jaimie Keys thanks us for coming out..


Personnal Note: I met Rick “WWE Sign Guy” and also received his autograph.. He asked how long was the drive to Laredo as that is his next destination for tomorrow’s tapings.. Nice guy..

American Bank Center were selling a WWE Cup w/ 32 oz. drink for $7.00..

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