'Sea of Red' as 40,000 Verizon Workers and Allies March Against Greed in New York

Verizon workers were joined by city leaders in New York on Monday for the sixth continuous day of their labor strike, with a march that stretched from the Verizon building on West 36th Street to 42nd Street.

An estimated 40,000 workers, elected officials, and other allies marched through Manhattan in “a sea of red” as they called for Verizon executives to settle contract disputes that they say hold tens of thousands of livelihoods in the balance and expressed outrage over the company’s plans to outsource labor to the Philippines, Mexico, and other developing countries.

Bernie Sanders made an impromptu visit to the picket line, joining them for the second time since the strike began last week and thanking the workers for standing up to the kind of “corporate greed…that is destroying the American middle class.”

Among the city officials participating in the march was City Council Member Jumaane Williams, who also endorsed Sanders for president just a day earlier at a rally in Brooklyn.