Sami Zayn Comments On His Impending Return To WWE Raw

This week on WWE Raw the company aired a video package hyping the return of Sami Zayn to the company in the near future and he has commented on that.

Zayn has been out of action since the summer with a torn rotator cuff but he is now set to make his return to action in the near future as part of WWE’s promise to “shake things up” with fresh matches and new superstars.

The former NXT Champion then commented on his return, stating that whilst he has been away he has been working on becoming a better person and letting go of toxic elements.

However, Zayn stated that he watched the teaser for his return and remembered how good he is at pro wrestling, stating that he forgot how great he actually is.

From the teaser trailer, it appears Zayn will be returning to work as a heel once again and given that WWE also teased the return of Kevin Owens, it is possible that they could be put back together again.

During this time off, I’ve been working on becoming a better person, and letting go of a lot of toxic elements that come with egotism & ambition.

But I just watched that teaser for my return on #Raw and remembered how good I am at pro wrestling. I actually forgot how great I am.

— Sami Zayn (@SamiZayn) December 18, 2018

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