Relationship Trend Alert – Micro-Cheating Is A Legit Thing & You Need To Know About It

There has been a fundamental shift in dating trends over the years, and we are headed towards a generation where relationships riddled with more complications than ever before.  When I say the words, “Dating Trends,” more often than not, people raise their eyebrows as to what the hell that means. But with the millennial generation taking over more than half of the world’s population, new definitions of interpersonal relationships are shaping our lifestyle.


From ‘love bombing’ to ‘catfishing’ – every situation in the dating world scenario has a name. The latest addition to this lexicon is the word ‘micro-cheating’. Yes, believe it or not, it’s a legit term, and we are here to tell you about it.

Let us explain you with an example. At the beginning of any relationship, both partners are madly in love with each other. There’s a spark, you are getting to know each other and love is in the air. But then comes a time when mundanity strikes. You don’t drift apart, but of course, the honeymoon period is over. And if during that time, you tend to divide your slightest attention towards someone else, and that too on social media, you are, well, micro-cheating on your partner.


Thanks to social media, apparently it’s now possible to cheat with one click, according to a psychologist, Martin Graff, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society. “It can be something as simple as repeatedly ‘liking’ someone’s posts on Instagram or commenting on someone’s Facebook,” explained Graff.

It sounds completely ridiculous, right? When I first heard of this term, I was convinced that it’s the most useless concept I’ve ever come across, and if you believe the same too, you aren’t alone. This term went viral over the past few weeks, with people freaking out over whether they were guilty of this act or they believed their partner could be involved doing this. But guess what? This practice is usually not a cause for alarm, according to relationship experts and therapists who spoke with Men’s Health. In fact, flirting with people other than your partner can sometimes be a good thing for your relationship – to a point.

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    As a part of the millennial generation, I believe that concepts like micro-cheating are encouraging people to doubt their partners and it’s absolutely uncalled for. In a world where we are exposed to endless social media posts by millions of people, it’s only human to find someone attractive. Infidelity is a serious issue and when we introduce terms like micro-cheating to the masses, we are taking away from the real problem.

    When two consenting adults are in a relationship, they can choose to define cheating on their own terms and no one can question that.


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