Rejoice, Indians! We’ve Been Pooping Right All Along & The West Is Now Coming To Terms With It

The world is enormous and incomprehensibly diverse. 

And there are many things that differ one person from another – the way they eat, the way they dress, the way they think etc.

Yet, between all the differences, there are certain things that we do have in common.


One of which is our ‘daily business’.

Now one wouldn’t expect the entire world to perform a certain thing the same way, but we can always come to a conclusion as to which is the best, healthier for that matter.

Ever since human beings descended on the Earth, they’ve been using squatting as the most convenient way to finish their ‘business’. 

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    Dejectedly, over the years, the ease of performance transcended the ideal way of doing it and we were left with the sudden westernisation of everything. 

    Here, we will try to prove why the Indian way is literally the best way to poop:

    A. Human anatomy is designed to be comfortable squatting.

    The fact that even kids in their mother’s womb use this posture says a lot. 

    B. It was a 16th-century dream that got passed on to the world.

    Somewhere in the 16th century, the flush toilets were invented for the Royals. They used it because they felt privileged and it seemed more “dignified” since it felt like one was sitting on a throne. 

    Then, a lot of people didn’t have access to proper sanitation, let alone this. However, it gradually witnessed penetration and by the 19th century, western toilets were everywhere.

    C. It’s giving birth to utterly painful diseases.

    As people began using it, a massive storm of diseases like haemorrhoids, appendicitis, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome was observed. 

    A lot of it has to do with the diet, lifestyle and stress levels, but majorly it involves the mode. Researchers further claimed that the causation is because of the poor posture. Using western toilets increases unnecessary tension and strain as it chokes the rectum. 

    But the West is finally opening up its eyes to what is the correct way and how ‘WE’ have been right all along. 


    They even ‘CREATED’ a pooping stool and call it a luxury. The product is being advertised by saying that it feels like a queen sitting on a throne. Well hola mister, because we have been regal all along.

    Coming back to why we need to bring back the Indian style:

    1. It’s hygiene heaven.



    2. Squatting stimulates toxic removal & tissue cleansing. 

    3. For complete relaxation to the rectum.

    4. It requires minimal touching of external tools.

    You don’t have to do a hip-lock with the seat or the tissues that have been left in open for too long. 

    5. It’s environment-friendly. 

    Well, it may not seem like that big a deal but you’re clearly not spending a fortune on toilet papers here. Furthermore, less water goes into ‘this’ business as opposed to the other one.

    Science has also proved that those who do their business the Indian-way do not have a high prevalence of bowel disease. 

    Also, if you’re observant, a writer and someone who finds humour in people’s misery, please write a book on how to use public toilets.

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