RAW Report 9/15/08 Memphis

The show is starting with the Steel Cage Match! This is something they’ve never done before! The announcers talk about the match and go through their little script, but then they end nothing happens. The camera is still on them and they’re left looking confused and not knowing they were still on camera for another 6-8 seconds. Someone was asleep at the switch.
Punk comes down to the cage. Video of Ted, Cody, Manu and Orton beating down Punk at Unforgiven. Y2J comes out to the ring with his right arm all bandaged up from above his elbow to his wrist. Video of Y2J winning the Scramble at Unforgiven.
They get in each other’s face and talk smack nose to nose. Punk starts with rights. A knee to a running Y2J’s gut. Punk gains control. Y2J gets whipped and falls to the mat. Punk whips Y2J who runs up a corner and stars climbing out. Punk chases him up and hits a high knee. Y2J falls to the mat and Punk continues to climb out. Y2J comes up and stops him by holding his ankle tightly. They both climb down and Punk is still in control. Punk hits his high knee in a corner followed by a bulldog. Punk goes for the GTS but Y2J grabs the top rope to try to get out of it. Punk ends up throwing Y2J over the top rope and into the cage. Punk drops to the mat, tired.

– Commercial

Y2J has an ankle lock on Punk. During the commercial Punk almost made it out the door until Y2J pulled him back in. Kick to the back of Y2J’s head. Kicks to Y2J’s legs. Y2J locks on the walls. Punk pulls to the ropes – no, the door! Punk gets one leg free and out, but somehow Y2J grabbed the door, while still holding Punk, and slammed it into Punk’s head/shoulder. Y2J kicks Punk in the face a couple times with the bottom of his foot as Punk lays on the mat. Y2J goes for a lionsault but Punk gets a knee up. Kicks to Y2J’s chest as he knees on the mat. Y2J is in a corner, Punk goes for a high knee but Y2J moves and pushes Punk head first into the cage. Punk is on the apron and Y2J hits a dropkick on him. Y2J goes to climb out the other side of the cage. Punk grabs Y2J and sets him up for a GTS from the corner, but Y2J fights out. They both end up falling to the mat. Punk tries to cover but gets two.
Y2J gains control, leaves Punk on the mat and climbs. Punk climbs the corner, gets Y2J on his shoulders and falls back. Y2J’s head bounces off the mat. Punk starts crawling across the mat to the door. Y2J crawls to Punk and over him. Punk tries to pull Y2J in but he’s holding on to the skirt tight. Punk crawls over Y2J and tries to get out but Y2J holds on. They end up on their feet fighting. Y2J is on the apron and Punk slams his head into the cage a couple times. Head but from Y2J and Punk falls to the mat. Y2J falls out the door to retain.

– Winner: Y2J

Y2J is walking up the ramp holding his belt high but looking a bit battered. Out back Batista is standing in front of a monitor watching the match.

– Commercial

Video about Hurricane Ike, narrated by Texas’ own HBK. They talked about the Red Cross and the work they’re doing down there.

Kelly is talking to Adamle and a tall, very blond guy named Dolph Diggler comes up and introduces himself to Adamle. Adamle says he remembers him, he hired him.
Y2J comes up and the other two leave. Y2J talks about all Y2J has been through lately but that he keeps coming out on top. He says he’s the champion and the most valuable asset and Adamle needs to take care of him. Y2J suggests they go to Adamle’s office so Y2J can explain a few things to him.

The back of a head and it turns around to show Kane with his mask on. He talks about how years ago he was in a position that he was forced to remove his mask. But he’s not forced into anything. He took his mask off to be accepted by us. He doesn’t like being ridiculed. He doesn’t like being pointed at. He doesn’t like that Rey wears a mask. He says we all wear masks of self-righteousness and happiness. When he attacked Rey he was attacking each and every one of us. Evan Bourne shows up and Kane’s music stops. He says Rey paved the way for him in the WWE and can’t wait to watch Rey beat the hell out of him tonight.

Jillian comes out to the stage singing ‘Hound Dog’ because they’re in Memphis.

– Commercial

Jillian’s still singing in the ring in her blue two piece outfit. Candice comes out in red. She doesn’t realize that Beth was right behind her the whole time. Candy takes off her long sleeveless coat. Beth goes over to the announce table area to sit.
Candy takes Jillian down. A kick to Jillian’s face and Candy covers for two. I notice that Candy’s pants lace up the back of both legs and does not look very good – there’s a bit of chub coming out between the laces. Jillian chokes Candy in the ropes. Then she chokes Candy with her foot while Candy leans on the ropes. Jillian flings Candy across the ring. A full nelson to Candy. Candy ends up sitting on the mat. Candy works her way to her feet then drops out. Forearms to Jillian. Andy does something to take Jillian down, but it looked botched. A dropkick to Jillian. Another botches move in a corner and Candy covers for two. Back suplex to Candy. A long set up in a corner before Jillian whips her. A back hand spring back elbow to Candy. Jillian tries for another move but Candy catches her and (badly) hits the ‘candy wrapper’ (unprettier) on Jillian for the three.

– Winner: Candice

Candy forcefully calls Beth into the ring. As Beth starts climbing through the ropes and Candy drop kicks her to the floor. Beth is pissed (looking prettier than I have ever seen her – in jeans and a ruffley white top) and yells at Candy as she backs up the ramp.

– Commercial

JBL’s music and his limo comes out. He looks really pissed – bet he lost a lot of money today with the Wall Street issues. Tommy Dreamer comes out to face him.
They lock up and JBL back Dreamer into a corner and then throws punches. Scoop slam to dream. Big boot to Dreamer. Dreamer is thrown into a corner but gets his foot up. Dreamer slams JBL for two. Huge clothesline from hell and JBL covers for three.

– Winner: JBL

JBL leaves the ring and grabs a chair. JBL returns to the ring. The ref tries to stay between them. JBL sets up the chair and sits, briefly. Dreamer rolls from the ring. JBL grabs a mic and sits back down. He addresses Adamle and says he’s not leaving until he’s made the number one contender. “You suck” chants.

– Commercial

JBL says not to listen to the fans and what they chant. The fans can’t relate to him. They have little tiny mortgages and try to make ends meet, he has a couple of homes. No one’s better on the God’s green earth then him.
Orton comes out looking incensed. He slowly comes down and enters the ring. Orton looks JBL over and says a few weeks ago he gave his evaluation of all the champions and that he was not impressed. That’s why he made sure Punk didn’t keep his championship. He tells JBL he’s not much of an improvement. The ‘Age Of Orton’ was cut short due to an injury. He’ll be back soon and it doesn’t matter who’s champion because he will be champion. Then there will be a champion on RAW with some credibility.
Santino’s music? He and Beth come out to the ring. He is pissed about himself and Beth being talked about by Orton. Unlike Orton they’re actually champions. He says they’re healthy. Does it run in the family? How long did Orton’s father have that cast on his arm? Santino says his family has always been healthy, other than the herpes. But he handled that well. Santino demanded an apology.
JBL then demanded an apology, for himself. He says that last week he did something Orton never did, took out Batista with one shot. He tells him to take the bass out of his eyeballs as he’s afraid something might happen to Orton’s shoulder.
Batista’s music and he comes out. He seems to have more elbow and arm padding on than usual. Batista says that before he beats the hell out of all of them, that this is the most pathetic sight he’s ever seen. The four of them making promises they can’t keep. They sound like politicians. Just like Obama said, you can put lipstick on a pig, he looks directly at Beth, and finishes with, it’s still a pig.
Because sometimes she squeals, it doesn’t mean she’s a pig.
Batista tells him to be quiet before he slaps the unibrow off his face. Tonight he’s going to beat JBL. Then at the PPV he’s going to beat Jericho. He’s going to keep on beating people until Orton gets his little doctor’s note and he’s going to beat him.
Santino says he’s forgetting someone.
Batista turns to Beth and tells her that after he wins the title if she wants a shot, then he’ll beat her too.
Adamle says – from the tron – that he has to take what Y2J said and make a decision after the Rey and Kane match tonight.
Batista says he’s going to plead his case now. He attacks JBL. Orton leaves the ring. Batista telegraphs and JBL attacks. JBL leaves the ring and Batista ends up hitting a spine buster on Santino. Batista ends up face to Beth. She yells at him for attacking her man. She bitch slaps him and keep screaming. He starts to leave and she screams that she’s not done with him. She bitch slaps him again. He grabs her and hits a spinebuster on her. He lands her on Santino’s rib cage, but he quickly rolls so it looks like she landed back first one his face.
Out back Orton is walking along. Team Priceless and Manu glare at him as they pass.

– Commercial

Cody, Ted and Manu come out to the ring. Kofi comes out but waits at the bottom of the ring. Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler comes out next. They get in the ring together. JR’s music and Haas comes out wearing a football jersey stuffed with a pillow and a black cowboy hat. He says “Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner” business is about to pick up boys and they’re in for a slobber knocker courtesy of Jim Haas. Oh yeah, and buy my BBQ sauce. Kofi is laughing and can’t get over what JH is doing and the fans are loving it!
Hard shoulder block from Manu to Kofi. Scoop to Kofi but he wiggles out and jumps so high to hit a drop kick. Cody tags in. Kofi holds him and King tags in. Back body drop to Cody. Drop kick to Cody. Cody takes King down for two. Cody has King in a hold, so JH is at the announce table talking a bit on mic. A right to Cody and JH tags in. Ted tags punches, kicks and a huge fez press from JH who keeps his pillow in. JH covers for two. They all end up in the ring fighting. Those not legal end up outside. JH gets whipped into a corner. Ted then hits a leg sweep for three.

– Winners: Cody, Ted & Manu

SD! Rebound – HHH retained his title at Unforgiven. Jeff talks to HHH about how he tried but couldn’t take HHH down. HHH says that Jeff just keeps missing that brass ring. Jeff is in a Fatal Four Way for the number one contender shot. HHH hopes he wins. Jeff hit a huge swanton to win the shot at No Mercy. But then Kozlov came out and destroyed Jeff.

Out back Y2J is cleaning up. JBL says he knows they’re not friends, but last week they made a great tag team.
Y2J says he remembers when JBL cost him the title last year. That Adamle will listen to him and JBL is going down like Wall Street. He’s not invest in Merrill Lynch and he’s not investing in a JBL title match.
JBL walks away saying that they’ll see.

Replay of the video of HBK talking about Ike and donating to the Red Cross.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Last Monday Regal beat down Jamie Noble and left with Layla on his arm.

Jamie Noble comes out to the ring by himself. Paul Burchill comes out with Katie in tow. He’s wearing a black leather biker jacket and looks scruffier than before, more disheveled.
Paul tossed Jamie around, but Jamie is able to gain control. A huge elbow to Paul’s face and a forearm to the back of his head when he was down. Paul gains control and hits and upper cut. Jamie gets whipped but moves letting Paul run into the ring post. Jamie somehow locks on a full body arm bar that made me feel like I was watching MMA for a moment. Paul taps out.

– Winner: Jamie

Layla comes out and says last week was a difficult situation and decision. She’s so sorry it took so long to get rid of him. Was he going to take her to the local Waffle House in his pickup truck. Now she’s found a man that’s worthy of her.
Regal’s music and he comes out in a black suit and vest with white shirt and no tie with the top of the shirt open. He says it wasn’t Noble she wanted, but nobility.

Out back, in his office Adamle is talking to Cade. Batista stomps in and asks if he’s number one contender.
Cade asks what makes him think he’s number one contender?
Batista grabs him, slams him around. He asks if he asked Cade’s opinion about anything. Then Batista sets him down carefully, straightens Cade’s shirt and collar, then leaves the office.

– Commercial

Kane comes out to the ring. Rey comes out to face him.
They go back and forth until Kane tossed Rey hard into a corner. Rey gets his feet up into Kane’s face. Rey tries for a hurricanrana but couldn’t do it. After a bunch of punches Kane falls back. Kane slides Rey across the mat. Rey slides out, somersaults and lands on his feet shrugging at Kane. Kane goes out after him as Rey enters the ring. Rey kicks Kane through the ropes with both feet which frustrates Kane.

– Commercial

Head lock on Kane. During the commercial Rey hit a great DDT off the apron on Kane. But Kane came back with a big boot. Rey takes Kane down then kicks him in the head. Rey hits punches on Kane in a corner. He’s pushed off and comes back for more. Kane throws/rolls Rey side first into the ring post. Kane keeps working Rey over. Back breaker to Rey. Kane stretches Rey backward over his knee. Rey knees Kane in the head from that position and gets out. “619″ chants. Kane gets hung up up top due to Rey’s speed. Rey takes Kane down and hits a low dropkick for two. Rey slams Kane face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rey climbs, gets wobbly and gets caught in his cross body. Enziguri to Kane. Rey sets up for the 619 but Kane gets up and hits a huge clothesline. Kane stomps Rey in a corner. Kane won’t back off and the ref calls for the bell to huge heat from the fans.

– Winner: Rey via DQ

Kane tries to pull Rey’s mask off. Evan shows up and attacks Kane. Evan climbs and flies landing with his knees on Kane’s shoulders taking him down. Rey then hits a slingshot fez press and they both leave the ring quickly.
Rey and Evan talk at the top of the ramp and Evan raises Rey’s hand.

Out back Cade and Y2J are walking along. Dolph Diggler come up and introduces himself. They blow him off.

– Commercial

Y2J comes out to the ring with Cade in tow. Jericho very slowly goes through the ropes, playing up how much pain he’s in. Y2J thanks Adamle for respecting his opinion and respecting hsi advice. Who should be number one contender should not be thrown around lightly. Who should get the nod? JBL or Batista? The fans cheer loudly for Batista. He thinks JBL and Batista should face each other at No Mercy and best the hell out of each other. Then Y2J will come down and face the winner. While we mgiht say it’s not fair to have two matches, he had two matches at Unforgiven. Y2J says he’s in a league of his own and Adamle should take his suggestion.
Adamle says he hears him and it’s more than fair. So at No Mercy JBL will face each other and the winner will be number one contender. He has to answer to Shane and Steph. He can’t make someone wrestle that night. So the winner of that match will face the champion, but not that night.
Y2J says the winner will face him.
Adamle says someone came to him with a great match idea and he has to go with it. Adamle leaves without saying anything. Y2J and Cade are in the ring trying to figure things out. “HBK” chants.
HBK’s music hits and out he comes. The fans are going wild for him. He wanders around the stage and smirks. He says he knows what Y2J is thinking. They’ve thought in a regular match and an unsanctioned match. What could they do that is exciting and exhilarating, but will let him permanently disfigure Y2J. There’s a match some people say he put on the map. At No Mercy it will be HBK facing Y2J in a… In a… He asks for help and two guys bring out a big ladder and set it up. He climbs to the top and says, “Ladder Match!”
Y2J does not look very happy as he hugs his title belt in the ring.

Biggest pop
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Jim Haas

Biggest heat