Pakistani Women Share Unbelievable Reasons About Why They Got Rejected For A Wedding

Like India, Pakistan is a nation steeped in the values of an arranged marriage system. Sample this particular matrimonial advertisement below:


From demands like ‘fair, good looking, slim’ to facing rejections, almost all the time, it’s the women who are at the receiving end.

At a time when women around the world are breaking stereotypes, here are a bunch of Pakistani women who are still caught in the mesh of a horribly orthodox society. 

The discussion kick-started by a question posed by a Twitter user named @oh_my_mascara where she wrote, “Ladies, quote this with whatever physical appearance you were rejected for by rishta people. I was rejected yesterday for bad front teeth.”

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  • What followed was a list of ludicrous reasons for which scores of women were rejected from a potential, ‘Rishta’.

    1. Turned down because the girl ‘looked too modern’! Seriously? 

    2. Wonder what this bloke was looking for. 

    3. Rejected because the girl wore glasses. 

    4. And the classic excuse: Complexion! 

    5. Working women? A big no no it seems! 

    They say marriage is a serious institution, but the tweets above makes it look more like a circus. It’s unfortunate that even in this day and age, women still deal with such regressive mentality. What century are we living in? 


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