Amazon’s best-selling pants are $26 and flatter your ‘bum’

At first glance, Amazon’s best-selling Grace Karin high-waist stretchy trousers might look like a business basic in the front, but based off online shoppers’ rave reviews they’re more of a party — aka “flattering for a curvy bum” — in the back. Click Here: Pandora Jewelry What makes this pair of pants the perfect PrimeRead moreRead more

State Legislature to hold hearing on Con Ed amid NYC blackouts

Fuming state lawmakers will hold a hearing to grill Con Edison officials over recent blackouts that have left thousands of New York City residents without power. “Members from both houses have called for a hearing after meeting with constituents impacted by the rolling blackouts,” Senators Leroy Comrie (D-Queens) Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) and Assembly members AmyRead moreRead more

How Eli Manning is coping with his Giants QB days being numbered

No Giants player ever has worn the uniform for 16 seasons. This is the legacy of durability Eli Manning has achieved and the unprecedented loyalty the franchise has bestowed upon him. There will never be another Eli Manning around these parts, though his replacement is here, waiting in the wings. And if there are theRead moreRead more

Mourners bid farewell to labor leader H\u00e9ctor Figueroa

Thousands of mourners packed Riverside Church on Wednesday to remember Héctor Figueroa, the firebrand labor leader who gave a voice to the voiceless – the more than 175,000 service workers he represented. The former president of SEIU Local 32BJ was remembered as a selfless fighter whose life was devoted to the labor movement and whoseRead moreRead more

Netflix documentary explores Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal

NEW YORK — The new documentary “The Great Hack” captures how Facebook’s cavalier handling of user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal posed a threat to democracy. But it doesn’t prove claims in the movie that the ill-gotten data helped elect Donald Trump. The movie, out on Netflix and in some theaters Wednesday, follows formerRead moreRead more

Eating spicy foods could lead to dementia, study finds

Spicy foods might be good for weight loss. Peppery palates are also thought to be hungrier for sex, too. But a new long-term study has revealed a possible significant downside to fiery flavors: a susceptibility to dementia. “Chili consumption was found to be beneficial for body weight and blood pressure in our previous studies,” saysRead moreRead more

Faye Dunaway fired from Broadway-bound ‘Tea at Five’ for slapping crew member

Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway has been fired from the Broadway-bound play “Tea at Five” for creating a “hostile” and “dangerous” environment backstage that left production members fearing for their safety, several sources told The Post. Onstage at the Huntington Theater in Boston, where “Tea at Five” was trying out, Dunaway was playing Katharine Hepburn. BackstageRead moreRead more

The majority of us are considered ‘zombie eaters’

Move over ‘The Walking Dead’, Americans are the real ‘zombie eaters’, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 Americans examined their eating and snacking habits, discovering that the majority (88 percent) are ‘zombie eaters’ – admitting to looking at screens while eating, from their TVs to their phones and laptops. In fact, the averageRead moreRead more

Taylor Swift reveals new song ‘The Archer’ live on Instagram

Taylor Swift just dropped a new single from her upcoming album. Called “The Archer,” the dark, synth-pop ballad was released with a fuschia-colored lyrics video via Instagram Live and YouTube on Tuesday. Click Here: Celtic Football Shirts Unlike the two previous singles from her album “Lover,” to be released Aug. 23, “The Archer” is moreRead moreRead more

FDA releases anti-vaping ads to air on ESPN, MTV

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is releasing its first anti-vaping television ads Monday targeting teens as part of its “The Real Cost” Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Campaign. A statement said ads will run on ESPN, TeenNick, CW and MTV, along with music sites and social media. The ads, titled “Magic,” feature street magician Julius DeinRead moreRead more