14 Photos Of A Younger Justin Trudeau That’ll Make Your Heart Do A Little Backflip!

Everyone loves Justin Trudeau. The reasons for the adulation are many and putting a finger on one just doesn’t seem right. Apart from good looks, the Canadian Prime Minister is literally the nicest person on the planet. From welcoming refugees to celebrating Indian festivals, he makes humanity look so beautiful, so effortlessly.  To that end,Read moreRead more

Science Wants You To Know That Showing Gratitude To Others Makes You Happier Than You Realise

What is happiness, after all? And what is it not? To be honest, happiness is a subjective term, and while we can’t define it in a definite sentence – we are well aware of the things that make us happy. A plate of our comfort food, undisturbed sleep for over ten hours, the well-being ofRead moreRead more

Fed Up With Unverified Messages & Casual Sexism, A Girl Just Left A Family Whatsapp Group

Tired of those good morning image messages, long Hindi forwards? We know that even you all want to delete that family WhatsApp group but you don’t want to hurt your relatives. If this is the case, then you should also do what this girl did. Namaah took to twitter to share her happiness after leavingRead moreRead more

??? BP ?????? ???? ?? – PM Narendra Modi Today's Speech In Lakhimpur

PM Modi at his trolling best at Lakhimpur rally, Uttar Pradesh. Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. Li Promoted Stories AD: Remit Money Schedule payments for future with Remit Money. AD: CricUnion 10 Richest Cricketers in the World right now. AD: Booking.com 10 Most Impressive & Affordable Penthouses AD: StantonDaily Beautiful Wives Of The World’s RichestRead moreRead more

9 Surprising Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

We are living in one of the most exciting phases of our economy where the youth of India want to be employers instead of employees. Startups are cropping up across the board and entrepreneurship seems to be the order of the day. The time could not be more perfect for those wanting to start up.Read moreRead more

Kerala School Suspends Two Students For ‘Hugging’ Each Other

Moral policing is at an all-time high and this incident is proof of the same. A school in Thiruvananthapuram recently suspended two Class 12 students – a boy and a girl – for hugging each other. According to the boy, he was merely congratulating her for her impressive singing at the Arts festival. What’s probablyRead moreRead more

11 Things You’ll Get If You’re Always Late To Work! (No Matter How Hard You Try)

Every group has them – the narcissist, the flake, the intellectual, the silent one. However, if you are the designated late lateef, welcome to the club, my friend. You are not alone. I was late in filing this ‘late to work’ story and that’s just ironic. So without any further ado, here are 11 thingsRead moreRead more

Waste Segregation Bin DUO TRIO Quattro By Green Revolution

the best quality waste segregation bins by green revolution 1/4 Waste Segregation bin DUO TRIO Quattro By Green Revolution-3w0aEI SHARE 2/4 Waste Segregation bin DUO TRIO Quattro By Green Revolution-Uwe48O SHARE 3/4 Waste Segregation bin DUO TRIO Quattro By Green Revolution-dU82gI SHARE 4/4 Waste Segregation bin DUO TRIO Quattro By Green Revolution-1GXsm1 SHARE Promoted StoriesRead moreRead more

These Comics Explain The Struggles Of A Long Distance Relationship During The Month Of Love

For anyone who has ever experienced the heart-wrenching feeling of being far away from the one you love, this comic is going to give you more feels than you might be ready for. The anxiety, trepidation, never really leaves you and you always find yourself on the cusp of holding or letting go. Long distances canRead moreRead more

Teen Took Little Sister To Father-Daughter Dance And The Internet Can’t Stop Gushing

Don’t shy away from reaching out for a box of tissues after reading this touching story of a brother and sister. One Saturday morning 17-year-old Mohammed Hasher came down stairs to find his six-year-old sister, Noor sitting all alone looking morose. On asking why, Noor said that there was a father -daughter dance at herRead moreRead more