No New Superheroes To Obsess Over? Here Are 8 You May Not Have Heard Of

Move over Batman and Superman, new superheroes are now here to take the centre stage. Calling these super heroes ‘new’ might offend comic nerds, as these characters have been appearing in their comic books since the late ’70s. It is us, the people who aren’t completely acquired by the Marvel and DC world, who getRead moreRead more

11 Inexpensive and Spectacular Places In The Hills Where You Can Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is a fairly new concept in India, but the trend is steadily picking pace.  For most people it’s a way to break away from the monotony of a mechanical life in the city, and an opportunity to live a simpler life.  For those who love hills and want to volunteer here are 11 incredibleRead moreRead more

11 Female Pilots Who Are Ruling The Skies And Breaking Stereotypes On Instagram

Aviation may be dominated by men, but that’s not stopping  female pilots from encouraging women across the world to take it up as a profession. There are plenty of people on Instagram posting pictures of their glamorous lifestyles and exciting travels but through their Instagram accounts; however, a group of female pilots are showing theRead moreRead more

17 Embarrassing Texts Sent To The Wrong Person That Will Make You Die Laughing!

If you are guilty of ever sending a text message to a person it wasn’t meant for, then you would know the pain that follows after. Embarrassment and humiliation go hand-in-hand and you cannot, for the love of God, escape either.  The moment you hit enter, you are met with this sinking feeling of doomRead moreRead more

Pakistani Women Share Unbelievable Reasons About Why They Got Rejected For A Wedding

Like India, Pakistan is a nation steeped in the values of an arranged marriage system. Sample this particular matrimonial advertisement below: Twitter From demands like ‘fair, good looking, slim’ to facing rejections, almost all the time, it’s the women who are at the receiving end. At a time when women around the world are breakingRead moreRead more

Sex: What It Is To Men, It Is Not To Women And We Need To Talk About This

On January 14, the Aziz Ansari incident surfaced on the internet and before we knew it, the world was talking about the issue of ‘consent’. A 23-year-old woman was sexually molested, and just like every other brutal atrocity, this one went through a social media trial as well. The verdict was in complete extremes –Read moreRead more

17 Places That Are Lighting Up Right Now Because They Made Weed Legal In Some Form

Cannabis laws vary from country to country. While the medicinal use of the drug is legal in some parts of the world, possession of the same is largely prohibited. There are nations that dole out punishments ranging from lenient to severe, however, some countries have decriminalised the possession of cannabis in small quantities.   reutersRead moreRead more

Lamborghini Urus Is The Fastest SUV In The World With A Top Speed Of 305 Km/h

Italian supercar maker Lamborghini is famous for building fast, sexy supercars. The current offerings include the rabid Aventador hypercar and the smaller but equally mental Huracan. Joining the ranks now is an SUV, the Urus. Lamborghini Like other Lambos, the Urus has a mish-mash of jagged edges, sharp lines and big air vents – the supercarRead moreRead more

11 Poets On Social Media Who Are Killing It With One Word At A Time

A lot of people find solace in good poetry.  But why do we read poetry? As experts suggest, poetry is not just for your mind, it’s for your heart, it’s for your soul. As John Keating said in Dead Poets Society “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetryRead moreRead more

This Dog Is Refusing To Leave The Hospital Premises Where His 59-Year-Old Homeless Owner Died

It’s funny how humans hurl the term ‘dog’ as an abuse to call out on someone who isn’t warm; contradicting the fact that dogs, in fact, are the most loyal beings ever. In the past, we have seen innumerable instances where dogs have gone above and beyond to help their humans. Here’s another painful anecdoteRead moreRead more