11 Bans From Around The World That Are Utterly Bizarre

The latest ban on the display of non-vegetarian food because it hurts people’s sentiments got us thinking…how on earth can someone come up with such absurd bans, right? Well, to our surprise, when we researched laws from around the world, we found that we are all surrounded by a crazy bunch of bans, and notRead moreRead more

11 Interesting Facts About Businesses Around The World

Walmart, Google, Starbucks, Apple – these are some of the world’s most successful businesses. But behind all the success are certain fun facts that not even their most die-hard fans would know. Here are some fun facts that will pique your interest.   1. Starbucks  Starbucks doesn’t want us to feel lonely while sipping on ourRead moreRead more

15 Freedoms We Demand This Independence Day Because Life Has Got Complicated

India will celebrate its 70th Independence Day in seven days and it makes us wonder the many freedoms we desperately need in order to be free from the shackles of societal evils that threaten to muffle our voice and kill our rights.  Today, we demand certain freedoms because life, as we know it, has becomeRead moreRead more

11 Things That Can Make You Forget Your Smartphone

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Party Without A Care In The World. Former Tesla Engineer Produces A Hangover Remedy

Sisun Lee, gave up his job as an engineer at Tesla, after his cure for a hangover got a huge positive response. the independent One year ago, Lee went to his native country of South Korea, where he partied like the locals do. Obviously, that involved a lot of drinking and getting drunk. But inRead moreRead more

11 Shitty & Totally Useless Secret Santa Or New Year Gifts For When You Want To Piss People Off

It’s that time of the year when you can tell people exactly how you feel with shitty gifts. Because shitty people need to know exactly what they are. The annoying sibling, the frenemie, the can-never-mind-their-own-business relative… ah, the list goes on. Even if it’s just for laughs, do go through the list and you neverRead moreRead more

6 Things Mentally Healthy People Do Differently

Let’s do it together, let’s set a benchmark for ourselves, let’s follow suit from ‘mentally healthy’ people, about things that they do differently. Mental health sadly is the most underrated aspect of self till date. No wonder there’s such ‘hue and cry’ about so many people battling depression. Here’s in a list six lessons toRead moreRead more

11 Things You Need To Feel Secure In A Relationship

Do you feel secure in your relationship? If your answer is yes, there’s nothing like it, but if you are struggling to find an answer, you’ve come to the right place. We often fall in love because we are attracted to someone, but a long-term relationship needs to survive the very real demands of livingRead moreRead more

5 Simple Tips That Will Help Every Millennial With Their Tax Investments

The higher you climb the career ladder, the more money you start adding to your bank balance. This comes with an added responsibility of being able to manage it efficiently, especially when it comes to paying that huge chunk of tax out of your hard-earned salary. Seriously, taking smart decisions regarding tax investments can beRead moreRead more

11 ‘Bhaiyas’ In Our Lives We Don’t Give Enough Credit To

Believe it or not, we have 11 different kinds of ‘bhaiyas’ we know who have eventually become an integral part of our lives. Our daily routine activities won’t be possible without these bhaiyas, and so we decided to give them long-overdue credit. Read on and find out who are these 11 ‘bhaiyas’ you probably needRead moreRead more