17 #GrowingUpWithSiblings Tweets That Are Downright Hilarious

From fighting over the remote to singing the wrong lyrics of a song together – if you are someone who has grown up in an Indian household, you know that having a sibling to share a room with is one helluva ride. Though it’s annoying at times, we can’t deny the fact that it actuallyRead moreRead more

9 Brilliant Theories About The Nature Of Time That Suggest It Is Anything But Linear

Time is elastic. Time is a social construct. When it comes to keeping track of time, a sun-dial or a clock may not suffice. If anything, ‘Our concepts of time—and how we process it in the brain—are based on our understanding of physical space, with some surprising cultural variations,‘ writes Scientific American. Our language, ourRead moreRead more

13 Really Bad Jokes To Ruin Your Day Because Why The Hell Not?

How guilty are we about laughing at some really dumb jokes? Secretly, a lot. No matter how bad these jokes are we end up laughing at them because, let’s be honest, not all of us have a great sense of humour. For some of us, we live on poor jokes that are so bad thatRead moreRead more

After Managing Waste And Tackling Water Crisis, This NGO Wants To Plant 1.5 Million Trees

Citizens in most metropolitan cities are choking because of bad, polluted air, except those in Coimbatore. Siruthuli – an NGO in the city is dedicated to cleaning the environment in every possible way.  They’re managing water, turning the land green and ensuring that no waste is tossed around the city leading to diseases. That said, thisRead moreRead more

12 Quotes By Ma Anand Sheela That Prove She Puts The ‘Wild’ In Wild Wild Country

If you haven’t at least heard about Netflix’s latest docuseries on Osho, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The series is based on Osho’s rise as a religious leader in Oregon and covers the conflict with local people, the use of arms by the followers, drug abuse and a host of other things thatRead moreRead more

HR Professionals Tell Us Where Candidates Go Wrong And This Might Just Help You Out

Job interviews are a tough nut to crack but even tougher is getting a call back from the HR. You really want to know how to do things the right way and get yourself an interview. To figure out the right way to apply to jobs, one needs to know exactly where they’re going wrongRead moreRead more

If You Could Quit Your Dead-End Job, What Would You Do Instead? 13 People Share Their Dreams

Lucky are those who are doing a job they like. However, a lot many are stuck at their jobs they hate doing and killing their dreams to pay their everyday bills. For some of us, our dreams are just resting in the corner of our hearts, untouched. Because, frankly, we never wanted a life thatRead moreRead more

Reverse Caste Discrimination Is Real And It’s Happening At One Of India’s Premier Institutes

Most of whatever we hear or read about discrimination is based on the so-called higher classes mistreating the deemed lower classes. But what we know about bias and hatred swelled in the name of caste is through our own personal experiences, through books, through media and through people.  Regardless, we often fail to see, is thatRead moreRead more

All You Late 20s People, Here Is The List of Things You Are Soon Gonna Be Missing Badly

With certain phases coming, one needs to be receptive to lead a peaceful life. From teens to twenties and moreover in our early twenties to later twenties, we go through a lot of things we never thought we are prepared for. And amidst our daily lives, we forget to embrace the little things which willRead moreRead more

South Korea Has Invented An Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers & We Need It In Our Lives

Long weekend is almost here and you’d probably be getting drunk. While it’s fun to be sloshed, the worst comes next morning, when you get that dreadful hangover, right? From rubbing lemons in your armpits to eating pickled gherkins – there are age-old hangover cures that we all follow. These cures work, definitely, but damn,Read moreRead more